About Me
Ah, so I see you clicked my profile. I guess I have some time to type something...As you probably know, I'm Ghost Echo, but last names are too formal, you can call me ghost. I've been a gamer my whole life, started with the SNES; It's basically the best gaming console out there. I still own one to this day, along with an n64, ps1, with tons of games or each. I don't really touch them anymore as I moved from consoles to computers a LONG time ago for many reasons. Infact, I don't own a console newer than the ps2 xD My computer more than makes up for this as I can get all the games I want as a PC version(superior) and I also have basically every console emulated on my computer anyway.

I'm a fairly novice texture-er and currently only have one project up: Vanimation. Before 2013 I never even tried texturing before, but I have found it to my liking. I've only done art work for minecraft, as it's too addicting to give up. I've had it since a day before it went beta, december 19, 2010. I was strictly ssp until I ran into Lost Craft, then I was strictly smp. Lost Craft split and I followed my pals into Infinity scape, which split... Again, following my crew, they formed KarmaCorp. All this spliting caused a sifting of class and I must say, this is the classiest server I have ever played on. Long story short, I love minecraft.

I'm not all games though, I am an AVID fan of the WoT(Wheel of Time) series. For anyone who doesn't know WoT is a 14(15 if you include the prequel) long book saga that only recently released its final book; Which I just recently finished. One word: perfect... If you like reading, I would STRONGLY recommend it, although it is no walk in the park read. Each book is 700+ pages, the largest being 1000+

I'm glad you stopped by, hope you enjoy your stay ^^
Interests Oh...ya know...stuff. And Tribes: Ascend...I love Tribes: Ascend...