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    posted a message on Davincis Vessels (Previously Archimedes Ships Plus) - Move Your World | 1.12 Released!

    Feature Request and Suggestion:

    Ships with Iron or Steel Blocks on their front break ice blocks similar to vanilla boats breaking lilypads.

    However, a block of ice broken in this fashion should act like a melted block of ice, in that it places a source block where it was.

    This would be incredible when used in frozen ocean biomes, as it would turn the ship into an icebreaker, and allow it to plow through the ice sheets.

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    posted a message on Streams - Real Flowing Rivers!

    I've noticed that the water this mod uses is incompatible with water mills from mods such as Immersive Engineering and Better With Mods.

    Is this something that could possibly be remedied? This mod's aesthetic goes so well with the idea of water mills.

    I do recall a previous version of this mod working with Immersive Engineering water mills, and the unique water blocks showed up in JEI/NEI.

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    posted a message on ☢Fallout | Echoes of War - A Post Apocalyptic Roleplay Server☢

    OOC -

    IGN: Ghost8909

    First Name: Alexander

    Gender: Male Male

    Age: 19
    Skype (To Stay Updated, Pm's are also acceptable): Ghost8909
    Have you read the rules: Yes
    Have you read the lore: Yes
    RP Expierence: Massivecraft (Banned), Years of Skype RP
    Fallout Expierence: Vanilla and Modded Fallout 3 and NV. Also planning to add to the many Fallout MC Mapsadd to the many Fallout MC Maps

    Define Meta Gaming: Using information you as the player have access to, Using information you as the player have access to, however, your character does not

    Define Power Gaming: RP that forces things to happen that would not normally, RP that forces things to happen that would not normally, or to state an RP such as: "Sneeks up to you and stabs youin the heart. You die instantly."

    IC -
    Name: Katherine Katschen
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22

    Height: 5 Foot 8

    Weight: Around 160-190

    Race: (Fitting Fallout's Races: Caucasian) White American

    Appearance: A slender runner type character, uses wits more often

    than strength, and guns more often than fists. She's a red haired acrobatic

    young wanderer with a bang hanging down on the right side of

    her face, with beads hanging on it.

    Occupation: Drifter, looking for occupation in settlements before leaving and

    moving on to find another. May settle down eventually.

    Signifying Traits: Smooth talker. I always put 100 into Speech. Very adept at charming those who have things she needs, or charming people who wish to do her or others harm.

    Signifying Skills: Skilled in hand to hand and smaller arms such as hand guns and knives. Adept at lockpicking and computer hacking, due to her many jobs taken as a drifter, some... shadier than others.

    Weaknesses: Larger arms. She's not the strongest drifter you'll meet, and she finds large arms such as LMGs and launchers difficult to aim. She is also far more adept with hand guns, rather than rifles.

    Fears: Giant mutant things. Especially when they're bigger than you normally see

    around the wasteland. Something similar to finding the giant Rad Scorpion in Camp Searchlight's

    Firehouse would most likely cause her to temporarily lose it.


    (40 points to distribute, maxes out on 10)








    RP example:

    Walking into the town's general store, the girl looks around at the various items for

    sale. Much of it is far too expensive for her to afford, but some things, what she was here to get,

    are right in her price range.

    "You looking to buy, hon, or are you just going to eye my merch?" the bored and obviously

    exhausted clerk opened with. "'Cause all thats for payin' customers."

    "9 Millimeter Ammo, sir. What do you charge per round?"
    "One Cap per two rounds, missy. I've a surplus just come in,and I need to drain it." He said. "Though, don't be trying to buy all of it, hear? I can't stand it when those new initiates into the NCR come in, and think I'll sell them everything, AND at a discount.."

    "Soldier boys get a glimmer in their eye and a swagger in their step they've no right to, sometimes. Throwing your life on the line, with a HIGH risk of FATALITY can do that..." She retorted rather sarcastically.

    "Whatever, honey. How many?"
    "4 cases. American Eagle, if you have it."
    "200 Rounds, 100 caps. I've some American Eagle in stock, actually, but not that many. I can sell you the 2 cases I've left, though."
    "Sure thing." She places the caps upon the counter, and the clerk disappears behind the back, before returning with two cases of American Eagle 9mm, and two cases of NCR Packed 9mm, and placing them on the counter. "Thank you." She slid the cases into her satchel (optional, assuming players cannot have Pipboys), and her repaired navy blue pipboy registers the new additions to the bag.
    She turns to the door and walks out with a wave.


    NCR Citizen, moved forth with the Bear as it conquered new lands. She expected

    job opportunities and adventures to be met. She didn't expect Eureka to be so

    hostile, but then again, she figured the NCR, with it's weaknesses, could

    conquer it as well.

    She's forgotten a lot about her past. Coping mechanism. But some things, you can't

    forget. Important faces, important dates, locations, seemingly useless objects that

    hold meaning if you understand.

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    posted a message on ☢Fallout | Echoes of War - A Post Apocalyptic Roleplay Server☢
    Posted by accident, sorry. Ignore this one. See the one below, please!
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    posted a message on Pigman Villager Nether Villages

    There was nothing to be done about the model on the golemn. I merely borrowed someone else's texture.

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    posted a message on Davincis Vessels (Previously Archimedes Ships Plus) - Move Your World | 1.12 Released!

    Something I imagine this would benefit from greatly, is to expand from just ships. If you look at Keralis, a popular member of the Hermitcraft Server, you'd see many videos by him on the "Minecraft Vehicle Tutorial Series", where he makes cars, trucks, planes, ect.

    What I'm suggesting you add, is a function ships can have, the ability to climb up blocks. Right now, if a ship drops down one block, it cannot get back up, unless it's an airship. It would be cool to make a jeep from blocks, and then drive it, with this mod.

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    posted a message on [1.8.X][HORROR] GRIEF: A Minecraft Horror Map (V1.1 RELEASED!)

    I love it, OP! Please do make more! I love what you did with this, BTW. Herobrine lost his scarey factor for me a long time ago. You revived it!

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    posted a message on Ghost8909, the MC Skinner's request thread
    Fore-note. Do not post requests here on the Minecraft Forums. I have a subreddit for this.

    I'm Alexander Ghosly, or Ghost8909

    I have a subreddit dedicated to producing skins of my caliber to those who request them. Below, I will post examples of my work:

    Most Recent Request:

    1.) George Micheal: Reference, and Screenshot. You may have this skin, as well, as a sample.
    2.) A Skyrim OC of Mine: Reference/In Game Screenshot, and Screenshot.
    3.) An Elven OC of a friend of Mine: Reference, and Screenshot.
    4.) A re-skin of an old friend's OC: Reference, and Screenshot.
    5.) An un-named OC: Reference, and Screenshot. Clothing was based off the girl on the right.
    6.) DMX (X gon give-it-to-yah!): Reference, and Screenshot. You may also have this skin as a sample.
    7.) My Girlfriend's Skin: Reference, and Screenshot.
    8.) Girlfriend's skin in Fallout: NV Field-hand outfit: Reference, and Screenshot.
    9.) Long-time OC of mine, Katherine Katschen: Reference, and Screenshot. She's actually supposed to be on the 3x wide arm Alex model, like this.
    10.) Herman Winkleheimer, the Hermit: Reference, and Screenshot. Spur of the moment OC of a friend of mine, when playing on my custom Aether Expedition back back in 1.6.4.
    11.) My Skin in Fallout: NV Field-hand outfit: Reference, and Screenshot.
    12.) Me as Sander Cohen, Artistic Genius of Bioshock: Reference, and Screenshot.
    13.) Me in a Fallout 3 Armored Jumpsuit: Reference, and Screenshot.
    -I would also recommend looking at previous requests for further examples.

    I hope to see you all there!

    Requests are made in the form of a request post. You'll need to provide me with a reference, or I'll have to substitute with my imagination based of your description. Please do provide a description of the character's looks and personality. I'm not asking for their bio, just what you think I need to know to make them look right. Do tell me if they're to be based upon the Steve or Alex model, as well. Because of my methods, they will be Steve model by default. Alex model skins require an additional editing step, but do not let that stop you from requesting it.
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    posted a message on v4.0.3 Ore Sheep Mod
    You misunderstand, I like that idea. I would find an infinite source of dirt invaluable, so I would not need to mar my landscapes. Could it possibly be a feature?

    And I second the notion by GeeTheBlueSky to check out the source code for Better Foliage. I love that mod, and it is indeed useful. It's able to procure the textures for any mod with leaves, and use them to achieve the effects on ever tree. It even works with tinker's oreberry bushes.
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    posted a message on v4.0.3 Ore Sheep Mod
    Quote from Icedice9»

    I don't think so. I'll look into it but its unlikely that my system matches theirs.

    Good question! I hope to have the next version out by mid to late March. I have to completely rewrite the old system to support new ores, which may take some time. I'm glad you like the mod! In the mean time, have a dirt sheep! :D

    So, he grows dirt? Do you "sheer" him with a shovel? And, as pointless as infinite dirt sounds, I hate ruining a nice landscape. So, I'll find that useful as f***.
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    posted a message on v4.0.3 Ore Sheep Mod
    Hey OP! Great mod, absolutely beautiful!

    Though, when do you think build 2.5/3.0 will be out? The one with mod ore compatibility? My Girlfriend and I are playing my custom mod pack, and she liked this mod. We want to add it, but we have so many ores this wouldn't produce.
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    posted a message on Great additions for skins and self customization (new parts, animation, transformation)
    Seems like you want them to add this mod to vanilla. More Player Models v2 By: Noppes

    Also, in response to charburg:

    A.) Fluttershy~ owo (Your avatar. I like.)

    B.) I play on a server called MassiveCraft. They have a plugin on that server that enables you to see other's models from the mod above. A LOT of people use it, and it does nothing but add MORE uniqueness to character models (At least IMO). I haven't seen anybody use it with NSFW skins, either (I saw one on the server, but they lacked the mod). I wouldn't mind it being vanilla, if it was done like Noppes did it.
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    posted a message on Pigman Villager Nether Villages
    Quote from Interion864

    Same thing. If there are villagers in the overworld then why are there zombie villagers in the overworld too?

    So basically you're suggesting doing a copy-paste of almost everything in the overworld, and tweaking them for the sole purpose of fitting the nether? Such ideas.

    Such origional
    Very idea
    So Nether
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    posted a message on no opening dispensers in adventure mode
    Quote from PureCreativity

    Good Idea! We could also make it so that they can't adjust repeaters. I support this!

    I like this and all, but there's an issue with the OP, and Pure's addition. Some map makers use dispensers as things a player can access, instead of a chest. Fallout: Rebuilding Humanity, an old 1.4.7 map, used dispensers as Nuka Cola machines. And some REALLY old maps, dating back to Alpha, used to have redstone puzzles where you had to adjust repeaters.

    There should be a gamerule for the repeaters, and the ability to lock the dispensers, like chests.
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    posted a message on The scaffold
    I support, but... you didn't come up with this. Those textures are literally from Industrial Craft.
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