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    posted a message on 13w03a Ready for Testing
    Quote from The_Fool76

    Sounds like you used a trapped chest instead of the normal one.

    You're absolutely right and I feel silly now. I completely forgot they existed and they look the same.
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    posted a message on 13w03a Ready for Testing
    The only awkward thing about putting a dropper next to a chest is... when you open the chest it turns on the hopper.

    My solution for now would be to put a hopper as a buffer between the two if you want the dropper to only be influenced by an outside signal.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 12w23b Ready For Testing
    I'll clarify again.

    This isn't adding vertical half blocks. It added the ability to place an upper half block or a lower half block based on where you click.

    Like this>
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    posted a message on Snapshot 12w23b Ready For Testing
    Just should be clear. Half blocks on wall isn't vertical half blocks. It's just that the block is placed in the top half or the bottom half depending on where you click on the wall.

    Like this >>>

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    posted a message on Colored Glass and Colored Light! (originally Just the 'Colored Glass!' topic but Mojang added our idea! :D Congrats everyone!)
    I understand the lighting system would need to be reworked.

    But the glass blocks themselves would be impossible.

    There's either alpha or no alpha in a pixel. There's no in between. You can't have a semi-transparent texture.

    to change that would be a HUGE job and probably would break a lot of things. The way textures work in general would have to be redone.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 12w18a Is Here For Testing!
    wow... so many people don't understand the concept of a local server.

    Once it's done it WONT be online. You wont even need to be online. It will be completely private. It will actually work EXACTLY like it does now, except you will have the option to invite friends to join you. (You would have to be online to invite obviously... but that's all)

    That's it, nothing more and nothing less. Once the feature is done it probably wont even lower your framerate. You can't judge based on this snapshot alone, it's not the final update.

    Anyone who has played Quake or Call of Duty should know that those games ALSO have a similar local server system. Most multiplayer games do. Yet they're private and they don't have any worse performance in singleplayer than they do in multiplayer.

    (Those two games also have plenty of mods and custom content. It wont break anything once it's sorted out and complete)

    Basically, stop complaining.
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    posted a message on Minecraft: RC2 Full Analysis - Updates and NEW Sounds [Video]
    I don't understand why the sounds needed to be changed. I could understand new sounds for things that didn't have any... but he's fixing what isn't broken. Complete waste of time.
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    posted a message on Why cant we enchant bows
    Funny how I use bows so often and it never even occurred to me that they were unbreakable.

    I'm so used to just replacing whatever breaks that I don't pay attention to what is even taking damage anymore.
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    posted a message on Biome Generation and misaligned chunks
    Quote from Unilythe

    It's pretty simple really. Well the idea is easy, coding it is a bit harder. But definately doable.

    Mojang could just release an application that will convert your already existing maps into a map for the next version. How will it do this? I'll explain:
    It should first generate a certain number (let's say 8) amount of chunks extra around the whole map, with the OLD chunk generator. These 8 chunks will be the chunks which will make the transition seem seamless. Cause what it can do after that is generate the SAME 8 chunks with the new chunk generator. Then interpolate these chunks. With this I mean that the first chunk, the closest, should be mostly the old generator, but a tiny bit of the new generator. The last chunk, the 8th, will be mostly the new generator. This way, the application will make a seamless conversion.

    Let's say it's indeed 8. Then you have the chunk on the border of the already existing map (this chunk already existed) being 100% old generator. then the far edge of the 8th new chunk will be 100% new generator.
    There could be a few problems with this of course. For example, what if the map has a hole of only 3 by 4 chunks that aren't generated yet, but all the chunks around it are? Stuff like this could be a problem, but that can be resolved. You could use an algorithm to find these chunks, and then fill them with the old generator.
    There will probably be some other problems when doing this, but I'm pretty sure they can be resolved, being a coder myself.

    I hope there is anyone out there who understood my post. But basically, to me this seems like a quite easy solution. Mojang of course doesn't want this in Minecraft itself, as Minecraft would then have to remember every old map generator. Which is why I propose a conversion application for every version that changes the biomes. I'm sure that with some work this can be done. Hell I'd even be ok with making this if I wouldn't have to go through the hassle of decoding Minecraft's sourcecode every new version...

    That's actually a painfully long and complex solution when you get down to it.

    The issue is that to transition from one generator to the next within a 16x16x64 chunk (over 16k blocks) is quite difficult. I suspect you could take the same chunk and generate it twice with both generators then interpolate the two together. But you will likely still end up with odd sections of terrain. But still better than cliffs.

    You would have to find a way to determine the average density of each block by looking around all its neighbors. Perhaps interpolating based on the density of each block between both chunks.

    It will look abrupt, but better than nothing. Rather than one long cliff, you'll have one long smoothed out cliff. It will still be odd.

    I think potentially that idea could work if it generated a few chunks out, so it was a smoother transition.

    But don't forget. If they create a separate program to do this, it directly takes away from their time adding new content that matters and fixing bugs.
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    posted a message on 1.9 prerelease 6??
    Actually, you WANT a 6th prerelease.

    Don't download it if you don't want to play it, but don't complain when it's released.

    The game is OFFICIALLY out when the next version is released. It needs to be as free of bugs as possible.

    The suggestion to release it and then fix the bugs after is silly. Why not test it with a large player base, fix a wider range of bugs. Then release a more polished copy. It's a much better plan.
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    posted a message on Old animal Farming Vs New Animal Farming!
    Quote from presidio

    I finally bred sheep, pretty neat. However, I throw chicken eggs (I have two); I save the game and wait and the two eggs never hatch (1.9), they just disappear. I thought there was like a thirty three percent chance they would, but this is like a zero percent. What am I doing wrong?

    You don't have to wait.

    Throw the egg, if it turns into a chicken then you have a chicken. If nothing happens then you've wasted an egg.

    Also, I believe the chicken from egg chance is 12.5% chance (1 in 8).
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    posted a message on Infinite sand or gravel bug
    Between this, tree farms, cobblestone generators, wheat farms, sugar cane farms, cactus farms and animal pens you can now be completely self sufficient with the following items and blocks.

    • Sand
    • Sandstone
    • Sandstone Half Blocks
    • Glass
    • Glass Panes
    • Glass Vials
    • Gravel
    • Flint
    • Wool
    • Paintings
    • Beds
    • Chest
    • Workbench
    • Logs
    • Charcoal
    • Wood Planks
    • Half Wood Block
    • Wood Steps
    • Fences
    • Torches
    • Fence Gates
    • Cobblestone
    • Smooth Stone
    • Stone Brick
    • Half Blocks
    • Half Stone Brick
    • Half Cobblestone Blocks
    • Cobblestone Steps
    • Stone Brick Steps
    • Feathers
    • Pork
    • Cooked Pork
    • Chicken
    • Cooked Chicken
    • Beef
    • Steak
    • Eggs
    • Leather
    • Arrows
    • Wheat
    • Bread
    • Cactus
    • Green Dye
    • Green Wool
    • Sugar Cane
    • Sugar
    • Paper
    • Books
    • Bookshelves

    And by extension -> All wood and stone tools/swords, all leather armor.

    Am I missing anything? Because that's cool if all of this can be acquired self sufficiently, once you're set up.

    If you found and secured a mob spawner, then you can add a few more items to the list.

    I think a future project will be an entirely self sufficient complex or city. Perhaps in the sky or on a platform floating in the ocean.
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    posted a message on Biome Generation and misaligned chunks
    Quote from draslin

    Eh I'm going to have to say no on this one. I'm guessing that what happens with terrain generation is that it generates the topology on the fly to create mountains, plains or hills and then "colors it" to be a particular type of biome or each biome is generated on the fly and connects seamlessly. If the latter of the two, then they should be able to code for it given that they already have, and if the former then it demonstrates that they are meddling presumably to fix a problem or for tweaking the fiddly bits. Either way post release they'll have a real problem adding biomes without making people angry if they don't take the time to address the problem properly.

    You're wrong on that one.

    It doesn't generate topography to "paint". It generates the biome information first and then the topography is based on that. That's why you can have flat grasslands and mountains separated as biomes.

    It will be impossible to add new biomes without causing misaligned chunks.
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    posted a message on Nether wart issue...

    Yeah , is like when people in FB ask stupid questions instead of just googling them.

    One time , the next day we had a history homework , some retard asked for the day X important guy was born , he just needed to google it xD.

    You should of messaged him the wrong answer... an hour later. :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on Helpful Hints: The Science Behind Enchanting
    Quote from MiCoRRizA

    yeah, but the enchantments are there, and are supposed to be used, and I WANT to use them!! but as Darkbirth said "The randomness alone kills it"... it's extremely boring you farm 40lvls and get a sh*t/boring/'not wanted' enchantment. :sad.gif:

    Not the one you wanted, but it's not useless either. At 40+ even the efficiency tools are quite fast.

    When you look at that list for the enchant you want, bring it down a level or two. Rather than Fortune III aim for Fortune II or I and so on. Really, the time saved is very much worth it. Especially when you consider that you have multiple items to enchant, taking that hit is extremely wise.
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