About Me

Older than 18, ps4 edition minecraft lover! Minecraft is simple, allowing you to build things that are simple or complex! Blocks are like pixels, the more you place, the more defined your build looks!

Currently hoping for

- Cold *only* texture pack

- More Colors

- Natural ambient sounds

- In game currency

- People who work for the devolpers hosting building contest, rewarding the best voted builders with ingame currency

- Attachment Cosmetics

- In game currency allows you to buy neclaces, wings or back attachments, attack sparkly effects, Special collars for pets, Glasses, Cosmetic pets that do nothing but follow the owner, EMOTES (I would spend real cash on emote animations, especially any icy emotes), Bracelets, Hats, Auras (Like snow falls around your character, or your character glows) etc...
  1. Seeing players like my build and finding easter eggs (basically easter eggs) around my mansion which are books that explain why i like minecraft, my career in real life as a mechanical engineer, funny experiences while building my mansion, etc etc

Profile Information

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