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Older than 18, ps4 edition minecraft lover! Minecraft is simple, allowing you to build things that are simple or complex! Blocks are like pixels, the more you place, the more defined your build looks!

Currently hoping for (Ordered from most wanted to least)

1.) Mixing texture packs!

❄ Description: What i mean by this is selecting 1 texture pack as your main texture pack, and then being presented with creative blocks menu to pick which block textures from your main texture pack, which would like to be replaced with a different owned texture from another texture pack!

For example. Say i own the skyrim texture pack, have it selected as my main texture pack, and i dislike the wolf texture in the skyrim texture pack. Well with this new feature, id be able to go into the "edit world" menu, open the "creative menu", find the wolf mob/spawn egg and select it, and then choose which texture from my owned texture packs that id want to replace it with! Voila! Reason to buy as many texture packs as you can! May cause a slower load time depending on how many texture packs you have active but hey, youll have a perfect texture pack, and reason to buy more which helps the developers!

2.) Wolf variants

Colors, Sizes, Combat stats. Yes please!

3.) More timed based events

Example: Spend 100 minecraft days in your world, a portal to a new world opens in the village thats closest to your respawn point or something. The villagers have discovered something, what could it be?

You want mores reason to keep your players playing minecraft? Well Imagine this idea! It could be a fun way of story telling in minecraft that simply requires you to survive to unlock more chapters! Which is what the game is about, surviving!

4.) Ingame currency rewards used to purchase some things like maps instead of texture packs

For example: I beat the game on hard only, i get 500 tokens; i complete an achievement, i get 500 tokens; i survive a day in minecraft,i get 10 tokens; etc

5.) More rare neutral, friendly, and hostile mob varients

Venturing far from your spawn point should increase your chance to find rare creatures for a specific biome. Good, and very very Very bad creatures 😁

(Wish came true!!!) In game currency

(Wish came true!!) Attachment Cosmetics

(Wish came true!!) Ambient Sounds


Seeing players like my build and finding easter eggs (basically easter eggs) around my mansion which are books that explain why i like minecraft, my career in real life as a mechanical engineer, funny experiences while building my mansion, etc etc

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