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    posted a message on [1.14] Chocapic13's Shaders
    Yo. Every time I use any of your packs (only tried the Low and Med ones, since I wouldn't be able to play with the others even if they worked) my game launches just fine, the world opens up for a few seconds, I can see the shaders, but then it stops responding and I have to close the game down. I don't get any errors except for the usual 'Java has stopped responding' thing. The same happened with MrMeep_x3's packs. Any idea what might cause it?

    I'm playing on 1.7.5 without Forge, FML or Optifine (even though I have them all installed). I can only run high-performance shaders but I get about 15 FPS and every low-end pack I tried to use crashed on me (except for Sildur's which I didn't like) and I couldn't use it. Please help!
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    posted a message on [32x][1.4.X] ~Virtual Reality~ [WIP]
    Don't wanna sound offensive or anything, but I really see no reason why would somebody want to download that texture pack.
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    posted a message on Rate the signature above you!
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    posted a message on Looking for a Cool Server to Play On
    Just what the title says.

    MUST BE:

    *Cracked players (aka Me) (aka aren't premium) can play on it.
    *Without Hamachi (it ****s **** up).
    *Without pixel art. If it's a pixel art server, i'm not joining.
    *Without greefers. When i build structures, i build them good. Don't ruin them.


    *Town/Village server - people build houses and stuff, basically survive.
    *Survival mode.
    *Not white-listed. White-list me if you want me to join.
    *War/PvP/Medieval servers are fine too.
    *Community isn't that big. I might lag a bit, but whatever.


    *Help build houses.
    *Help build a town, or an another village.
    *Help newbie players.
    *Survive nights (if needed)
    *Kill monsters
    *Work for money (if it's a village server)
    *If i like the server, i'm really active and stay in hours, so i can help moderate or watch other players so everything will be peaceful.

    Got any ideas? Want me to join your server?
    Post it down below! :D
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    posted a message on BUILDER FOR HIRE
    No one will hire you without samples of your work. Capture some, then post them on the forums, then we'll see...
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    posted a message on First reaction to Diamonds
    "Oh whats is this? WHAT IS THIS? IS IT DIAMOND?"
    *Mines ore*
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    posted a message on Me As A TEstificate
    It looks pretty dumb i must admit...
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    posted a message on White And Brown House
    Well that house is pretty strange...
    I like it! :D
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    posted a message on Ban the user above you!
    Banned for dragon over-use.
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    posted a message on more dog breeds mod (1.1)
    Wrong section, but yeah, someone did, i don't remember the name though. Also i'm not sure it got updated to 1.1 yet.
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    posted a message on New achievements

    yes and YES.

    try looking at minecraft's achievements and see what's missing.

    I seriously didn't knew they updated the Achievement section in Mc.
    Alright, my last try: Sniper - Make a bow. I'm pretty sure there's no such achievement, but if there is... **** it. lol.
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    posted a message on New achievements

    There is already an achievement for that :sleep.gif:

    Dang, seriously? Then... uhm...
    Is there an achievement of entering the Nether? Or the End? Then there should be one!
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    posted a message on New achievements
    Get your first :Diamond: .
    Will be called "Ooooh it's shining!" or "My first one!".
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    posted a message on Was I a born MC legend or what?
    I... can't understand **** from what you wrote. Repost the pic please.

    EDIT: If you wanted to show off the buildings, they suck. Sorry.
    Add detail, make less blocky and capture (picture) at day time.
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    posted a message on Unique Level Of Items/Tools/Weapons/Armor.
    I think that the Ender Dragon which is the current last boss, should drop random enchanted items like a super diamond sword, or like you said, a special bow that shots special arrows.
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