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    Alright. I'm running with the stock launcher from Mojang, so it's not anything to do with that ( Hopefully ).

    System Specs:

    CPU - Intel Pentium G3258 OC'd a bit

    GPU - Nvidia GTX 770 Also OC'd a bit

    RAM - 4GBs at 1600Mhz

    Display Drivers - according to DXDIAG, 347.88 according to Nvidia control panel. Should be the latest.

    And I am using only the one monitor, unfortunately.

    As far as Forge goes, I'm running with I'll try it with and check back shortly.

    UPDATE: So here I was, about to post that updating Forge hadn't worked, when I thought, "Oh, maybe a copy of the game output would be useful." I opened up the launcher, changed the settings to leave the launcher stay open after the game launched, and hit play. Lo and behold, no problems. No lava and/or water replacing numbers. World loaded up normally, and shaders appeared. Didn't change anything other than the settings in the launcher, and before that, only the update to forge that had previously done nothing.

    TL;DR: It works now, with no explanation. Sorry for any trouble, and thanks for all the help!

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