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    Alright. I'm running with the stock launcher from Mojang, so it's not anything to do with that ( Hopefully ).

    System Specs:

    CPU - Intel Pentium G3258 OC'd a bit

    GPU - Nvidia GTX 770 Also OC'd a bit

    RAM - 4GBs at 1600Mhz

    Display Drivers - according to DXDIAG, 347.88 according to Nvidia control panel. Should be the latest.

    And I am using only the one monitor, unfortunately.

    As far as Forge goes, I'm running with I'll try it with and check back shortly.

    UPDATE: So here I was, about to post that updating Forge hadn't worked, when I thought, "Oh, maybe a copy of the game output would be useful." I opened up the launcher, changed the settings to leave the launcher stay open after the game launched, and hit play. Lo and behold, no problems. No lava and/or water replacing numbers. World loaded up normally, and shaders appeared. Didn't change anything other than the settings in the launcher, and before that, only the update to forge that had previously done nothing.

    TL;DR: It works now, with no explanation. Sorry for any trouble, and thanks for all the help!

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    Quote from JonnyBrando»

    Hrmm, non-forge?

    This is classic of using a non-official minecraft launcher.

    Could also be because AF/AA are on, they typically cause other issues, but I've seen this too much to not mention it.

    Sorry, forgot to mention Forge.

    I am using the standard Minecraft launcher, and I've now tried it without AA or AF, and there have been some changes. Now, instead of white boxes in place of text, Water and Lava have replaced numbers. The original problem of black-screen after loading a world still persists.

    At this point, I think I may re-install Minecraft to see if I've inadvertently messed up something else.


    I've re-installed Minecraft, no problems. I got Optifine HD D1 installed, and the recommended Forge from the site installed with no problems. Everything's running fine with those two, but when I install Shaders Mod, lava and water continue to replace water, and when I load up a world, it black screens.

    One more thing: After attempting to load into a world, the game outputs many lines of the following:
    GL error 0x0502: Invalid operation at pre-final

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    Tried it and it didn't work! :(

    Running with OptiFine_HD_U_D1 & ShadersMod2.4.11

    And in addition, all of the text in the game is replaced with white boxes. This only happens when I run with shaders, it runs fine with OptiFine, which is the only other mod I use. Also, I use Faithful32.

    System Specs

    Intel Pentium G3258 OC'd to 4.2Ghz - CPU

    Gigabyte Z97MX GAMING 5 - Mobo

    Nvidia GTX 770 OC'd to 1200 Mhz - GPU

    4Gbs of XMS3 OC'd to 1600 Mhz - RAM

    Definitely NOT Pirated Windows 8.1 - OS

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    Cretainly Supported!
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    Amazing! I backdated to 1.7.3 to try this and its pretty good. Although, and update for 1.0.0 would be much appreciated. :biggrin.gif:
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    This Is Something we in Minecraftia call a "Win" :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
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    Looks & Sounds like a wonderful Server, I'll Give it a go When I've got the time :tnt:
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    Leave the poor man be, as he stated, he's at work and I think he'd rather get whatever he's doing done rather than worry about updating a mod quickly for you... :Diamond: :Diamond:
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