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    You slowly open your eyes, blink twice, and -- you realize! Today is the day you get your starter Pokemon on begin your Journey with your four friends, each with their own goals and dreams.
    Hello! My name is Jacob! And today I introduce to you: THE FAYLEN JOURNEY! An RP starring:

    GermanTacos (Robin Williams)

    Oceane_Eve (Amaryllis Sage)

    ? (?)

    ? (?)

    This RP is made like both the Anime and Games, with a few variations

    There are 5 'Main' roles, or the characters that are in the RP at (almost) all times. There are other roles like Jennys, Joys, and the like.

    This RP isn't very word heavy, or you don't need to write three and a half novels per post. There is also no requirments for joining, just post an application, and if your accepted, then it's a waiting game. We (royal we) hope to start the RP by January 10th.

    THE APPLICATION FOR MAIN ROLE. I will be VERY picky about these!

    AGE: Age from 11 - 14
    APPERANCE: (Pictures are fine.)


    The Faylen Region is a region closest to Kalos, but is big and full of many Pokemon from gens 1-6
    It rains often in Faylen, and as a result lots of times (2-3 times a week) The area is wet and muddy. Like no, really. Its not uncommon to see puddles everywere and mudholes up to a foot deep. When it's sunny though it's HOT.
    The professor for the Faylen Region is Professor Stardust (Its a type of tree). She has given you and your four friends a great oppertunity to go on the adventure of a lifetime - to go on a journey with you, your friends, and your Pokemon!

    The starting town, Silverbell Town, isn't very big. It is however home to every one of the original 5 trainers.

    Have fun!

    Amaryllis Sage

    Amaryllis, despite her fancy name, is none of the sort. She prefers to wear simple items and is quite the tomboy, but never fails to appreciate the beauty of nature. In fact, she was named after the flower, amaryllis. Ms. Sage has, however, shortened her name to Amy in numerous attempts to get people to see her as another ordinary trainer. At 13 years old, Amaryllis has trained in her village hometown for three years, helping out with other Pokemon due to her parents not allowing her to have her own. But now, on the threshold of her teenage years, Amy has finally gotten permission to go on her journey -- to the Faylen region. Amy's quite excited, but being a master of controlling her emotions makes her seem very emotionless at times. Despite this, Amy's an amazing partner to have and can be quite optimistic when she wants to be.

    (Made Doc not look like puke)
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    Quote from TehAnon

    I have audio mod installed and dont try and tell me I did it wrong because I make 4 mod reviews a day.
    Don't you be rude to him. You need to listen. And learn to be nice.
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