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    posted a message on Painterly Pack Continuation Project [Fan Patch]

    Hey, I have some unfortunate news.

    1.13 is coming up and I don't think I can make/edit enough textures for most of the new features. I was originally making a 1.13 update but ever since it was fused with 1.14 I don't think it will be completed. I'm terribly sorry about this.

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    posted a message on Are Minecraft Updates Finally Getting Better?
    Quote from fishg»

    May be off topic, but yeah I think the Nether needs to be expanded. In my opinion it should be at least half the content of the Overworld. Look at these statistics:
    • The Overworld has 36 unique mobs, the Nether has only 5 unique mobs.
    • The Overworld has 46 biomes, the Nether has only 1 biome.
    • The Overworld has 12 large structures, the Nether has only 1 structure. Even the End has more structures

    So while it might not be as bad as oceans, I'd like to see more.

    The Nether should definitely get a dedicated update.
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    posted a message on ShroomCraft Rank Up Kit PvP! Huge Battle Arena Free for All! Over 100 Kits! (1.11 - 1.12)

    Hey, we have a discord channel now! Come join us at:

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    posted a message on ShroomCraft {PvP} {Rank Up} {Large Arena} {100+ Kits}


    Also check out our new discord channel at:

    What is Shroomcraft?

    Hello, we are Shroomcraft. If you don't know what we are; we are a kit PvP rank up server that encourages intuitive play styles using the newer combat mechnics. In this kind of server, you start as a low rank and rank up through gaining experience from defeating other players in battle. As you rank up you gain access to stronger kits. We have been running for about two and a half years now but we decided to completely change the server. This is so that we can get closer to our main goal. We made this decision when Minecraft 1.9 came out. The new combat mechanics and items opened up new opportunities to make PvP more interesting.

    Main Features


    Our new kit system is going to include over 100 different kits to unlock over 40 ranks. There are three categories of kits so far with a forth category under construction:

    • Melee kits which are equipped with swords, axes and even hoes. They have heavy armor and often times get shields.
    • Archer kits which are equipped with bows and a large variety of arrows. They get less armor though.
    • Potion kits which have low armor and weak weapons but are armed with powerful potions to aid them in battle.
    • Special kits don’t really fall under the other categories. They usually get special items such as wolves, horses, elytra and even TNT and fireballs! We plan to add these in a later update

    There is also going to be various pieces of equipment that can be combined with each kit. Such pieces of equipment include but aren’t limited to: a pickaxe that can break certain blocks, a fishing rod, a flint and steel that can ignite TNT traps, a compass that points in the closest player’s location, or an ender pearl that regenerates after a certain amount of time.


    We also have a massive PvP map. It is 200x200 blocks large. It is divided into 4 sections which open and close depending on how many players are online at the time. Each section includes: a section full of buildings near the center of the map, random objects and structures around the edge of the map, simulated envorinments in the corners, an underground section with a unique theme, colorful floating pathways, special item spawners, jump pads and teleporters. There are also secrets ridden throughout the map that will reward players when they find them.

    When there isn't very many players online, the map gets filled with monsters for you to kill. The monsters give you experience so you can rank up even when there isn't any competition! Get ahead of the game while your rivals snooze!

    Our spawn is a floating island taken straight from Minecraft Beta 1.6’s old skylands generator. We have modified it to make a nice spawn area for players to explore and cool down after an intense PvP session. There is a spleef arena, a maze, and there will be many obstacle courses which can reward players points; the server’s currency.

    Special Effects

    When you donate to our server, you can get cool cosmetic hats and effects to make any other player envious of your looks. We even have large billboards that you can put your own designs on and they will show up on the billboards in the battle arena!

    We hope to see you here and that you have fun helping us.You can join us; our server IP is and is up to date to Minecraft 1.12.2.

    -Shroomcraft Devs: cupofwater, GreenToast555, GerbilCrab475



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    posted a message on Are Minecraft Updates Finally Getting Better?

    I'll be convinced when updates start consistently giving the amount of content the Update Aquatic is giving.

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    posted a message on "Technically Updated" Update (1.13): All Information We Have So Far

    It's about time pumpkins were fixed.

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    posted a message on "Update Aquatic" (Now 1.13): All Information We Have So Far

    The trident is definitely a step in the right direction. Finally we get a new weapon since the introduction of potions from 1.1. Let's hope that the updates after the update aquatic are just as big. Perhaps 1.13's changes are making easier for new content to be added meaning that larger updates will be a thing.

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    posted a message on Collaborative Suggesting- The Frist Dimension (all welcome)

    Neat thread you guys have going on here. I'm sure it's been brought up before but I personally think that a forth dimension should be a polar opposite to the Nether. Many have given their thoughts as to what it should be and there's even the famous Aether II mod. Now personally I don't think the mod is the best way of doing it as you don't have much of a reason to go anywhere else but the Aether.

    Dimensions are extensions of the overworld, not replacements. You go to them to gather resources not available in the overworld. They bring different challenges to players. People build bases around their valuable portals and building those bases involves making it strong against the threats that dimension provides.

    My Aether suggestion tries to capture that vanilla feel while adding on loads of content. It even suggests giving the Nether more depth to have both dimensions have an equal amount of content.

    Probably my favorite part of my suggestion is the new dimension themed weapons: the Nether cannon and the Aether staff. These weapons aim to spice up both ranged and melee combat. The Nether cannon has access to different kinds of ammo while the Aether staff uses enchantments to produce offensive and defensive spells. These weapons serve as motives to visit their respective dimensions but not replace the overworld.

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    posted a message on Which mob are you going to vote for in Minecon Earth?

    If the other three are actually gone forever than I say C. Wish we could have all four since they're all good concepts.


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    posted a message on Painterly Pack Continuation Project [Fan Patch]

    Odd, I thought I already posted this but I guess not.

    The pack is updated for 1.12.2 and the concrete changes are added.

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    posted a message on Potion of Transformation

    I'm all about having the ability to transform into monsters to gain their abilities, but potions is not the way to do it. If anything a new mob (doppelganger?) could be introduced that mimics nearby hostile and perhaps even friendly mobs. It would look like a regular mob but be gray scale in color. When killed it drops a mob essence of the mob it was mimicking.

    These mob essence items would have a high durability but use it up as time goes on while transformed. Most transformations can't use items (besides using the essence to change back), but zombies, skeletons and their variants can use tools and armor, and endermen can place blocks. All abilities of the copied mob can be used. From climbing walls as a spider, to burning in daylight as an undead mob, the flying capabilities of a bat, the special projectiles that monsters like the blaze, shulker and guardian have and blowing yourself up as a creeper. The essence can't be dropped while transformed.

    Some mobs, like boss mobs, can't be copied as doppelgangers only mimic basic mobs. However the creative inventory will have these mobs as essence options.

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    posted a message on Mob Variety: Classic Monster Variants
    Quote from Cerroz»

    These are great, but I don't think we need that many variants.

    Good point. Most of the zombie and skeleton ones were really forced when I made this. It's mostly just concepts as the main point is to show that there is currently and issue with the current amount of mob variants.

    Quote from coolcat430»

    These all seem pretty cool! But I'd focus on only choosing some of them to keep, like there's way too many Roofed Forest mobs, if all this would be added that's like 7 mobs in-game that can only be found in the Roofed Forest biome. Also, a lot of the share the same mechanic, like wall-climbing, which spiders already have, and is one of the things that makes them unique.

    The main reason why I made one for each for that biome is because of how sinister it is. They are the only ones really worth giving unique drops.
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    posted a message on Mob Variety: Classic Monster Variants

    Minecraft has tons of variety. There's tons of items and blocks that bring variety to building, food, combat, and many other features. Yet there has been one thing that has been bugging me for a long time now: there is barely any mob variety. Quite a fe mobs have been added to Minecraft but there's still very few and within that few is very little variety. This series is going to focus on mobs and how variety can be brought to mobs.

    This topic is going to focus on the classic monsters: the zombie, skeleton, creeper and spider. Most of these monster have one or more variants but perhaps they could have more. The cave spider, with skeleton, stray and husk were steps in the right direction but they seem almost unnecessary due to being limited to such specific areas. These mobs should have rule over greater areas and more variants should be added. Also note that variety doesn't necessarily mean useful as they tend to just be more difficult versions of other mobs that occasionally have different loot.

    Cave Monsters:

    I always found caves too easy and thus I really liked this concept. Cave monsters would be mob variants that are found underground to make the underground caves more dangerous than the surface. Their spawn rates depend on cave depth and world difficulty. They spawn in depths 48-1 starting at low spawn rates and rising as they spawn deeper. On easy 5%(y48)-25%(y1) of monsters are replaced with cave variants; normal 25%-50%; hard 50%-100%.

    Cave Spiders: The first mob variant of any monster was the cave spider which came out in beta 1.8. These monsters were confined to spawn only from mob spawners found in abandoned mineshafts. This need to change. The cave spider would be brought into this group of cave variants. Nothing to it. Watch out for their poisonous bite and their small size.


    Larger skeletons that are yellowed from age. They're stronger and thus their arrows deal more damage and have more knock back. They also might have a stone sword instead. They also have more health (25 instead of 20) They drop 1-3 bones.

    Miners: Zombies that wield wood, stone, iron, or diamond pickaxes and thus deal a little more damage. They are oddly good at finding gaps in you r armor so their blows and ignore 50% of your armor. They can, of course, drop their pickaxe from time to time. It may have enchantments.

    Magma Creeper: A creeper that's red in color and glowing. Although they stand out their explosion is larger and creates fire so watch out. They drop 1-3 gunpowder.

    Biome Variants:

    These variant concepts are more like the Husk and Stray that spawn in different biomes and as such would spawn in similar ways.


    Husk: Simply make is spawn in mesas along side the deserts they currently spawn in.

    Bog Beast: Spawn in swamp, beach and ocean biomes. They move faster in water and will also dive to reach underwater targets. Blue in color.

    Hunter: Spawn in dark forest biomes. They can climb walls and run very fast when on fire. They are black in color.

    Lumber Jack: Spawn in all kinds of forest biomes: They wield axes and thus can get through shields. They wear red, plaid shirts.


    Stray: Make them spawn in cold taigas along side the ice biomes they currently spawn in.

    Shade: Spawn in dark forest biomes. Skeletons that are dark red in color and wear black robes. They fire a spread of 4 arrows.

    Soildier: Spawn in extreme hills and jungles. They wield iron swords or axes. They can climb walls.

    Sniper: Spawn in plains, deserts and savannas. They have a longer view distance (32 blocks instead of 16). Thus they will try and fire at players from longer distances albeit they are a bit inaccurate. They wear green helmets.


    Web Slinger: Spawn in forest biomes and their variants. They have a ranged web attack that places a spider web block on its target or whatever block it hits.

    Mother Spider: Spawn in dark forest biomes. They are larger than regular spiders and are brown in color. They have 30 health. When they die they release 2-4 baby spiders.

    Jumping Spider: Spawn in plains, savanna, and extreme hills biomes. These spiders can jump far and high. They can leap 5 blocks forward and 3 blocks high. They jump whenever they are in range of a player.

    Bubble Spider: They spawn in swamps. These greenish spiders don't slow down in water.


    Camo Creeper: They spawn in all biomes. These creepers get their color from the biome's grass color in most biomes. They are white in snowy biomes and match the sand colors of desert and mesa biomes. This can make them hard to see.

    Combo Creeper: They spawn in dark forest biomes. These dark brown creepers release 4 projectiles that cause mini explosions after blowing up.

    I kinda want to added unique drops to the dark forest mobs since they are much harder than their regular versions but this topic is more about adding variety to the classic mobs. Not new items. It's not like every mob would get a variant for every biome but that would just be shoe horned and not fun.

    Up Next: new monsters

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    posted a message on Painterly Pack Continuation Project [Fan Patch]

    I remember dealing with this but forget how to fix it.

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    posted a message on Mojang is adding too much to minecraft

    If anything there still isn't enough. Specifically in the mob category. There needs to be more wild life and monster variety.

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