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    Quote from JoeTheCat

    am I the only one who thinks this is foolish? theyre taking the same path that jagex took with RuneScape: Kept adding stupid stuff to a game that was already really successful and made it an awful game. With mojang adding all this crap (Wolves, horses, redstone update, etc) i fear this is going to happen...

    I'm tired of all these people thinking that the new updates are gonna kill Minecraft. I've been here since Minecraft was around 3 million sales and there were people just like you it has lasted well over a year and triple the amount of sales since then so your logic is nonsensical. Might I add that wolves are old and nobody complains, Horses will be amazing if Mojang makes them right (which I trust they will) and the Redstone Update made redstone easier more expansive and gave some actual uses for it while playing survival mode.

    :VV: BURN!!!! :VV:
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    Wow you have made a good pack

    PS: I would recommend putting a link to Optifine (Mcpatcher can also be used) but overall great work
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    yes great idea
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