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    Quote from MazeCraft»
    Maybe try out this clock http://imgur.com/a/iRuKb#3 (labeled as Clock #6) just add more repeaters. Droppers don't require short pulse. By adding a lever on the block you can easily turn it off.

    I like this concept. I'm not certain if it will help, but I just set up both types side-by-side, and will check if it is more stable over time.

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    Let us smelt trash gold armor from mobs.

    Don't have to give back much gold, maybe only a few nuggets or such, but the stuff is pretty much useless as armor, and even after using 3 or 4 pieces of worn to make a good-as-new piece, it still is basically chest space wasters.
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    I have major problems keeping a redstone timer going for any length of time.

    My timer loop is about as simple as it can get, a loop of 6 repeaters each set to 4 ticks which gives a cycle time near 2.5 sec. I use the output from one spot to drive a string of droppers. Timer is started by placing and rapidly removing a redstone torch.

    When timer is started, the repeater next in the loop from the torch lights and the pulse travels around the chain as desired. After 15 min to 1 hr, 2 of the repeaters in the loop are lit and travel around. soon 3 are lit and so on until all 6 are lit at once and the timer stops.


    What am I doing wrong?

    Is this a common problem?
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