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    As much as I like the look of the new biomes, I can't help but find them to be a little...... meh. At least, on their own. You see, here's what a player could look forward to upon locating each of these new biomes:

    Crimson Forest: A decently perilous place, with.... not much in it that isn't solely decorative. Sure, it's got a mushroom that can ward off decently-difficult Hoglins, and Piglins whose barter mechanics are.... a new way to farm Obsidian after the point at which Obsidian has outlived all of its mechanical(non-decorative) usefulness in Singleplayer Survival Minecraft? Seriously??? And can we talk about how the Shroomlight is effectively a more easily obtained Glowstone clone? Just.... W h y ?

    Warped Forest: A frankly boring, unfitting blue reskin of the Crimson Forest. I say blue reskin because practically every decorative block(I'm beginning to notice a trend) you could find in the aforementioned equally-common Crimson Forest can be found painted blue-green here. It has more of that same mushroom from before, too, I guess. Regardless, the lack of immediate danger is what really burns this biome for me. This is the Nether we're talking about here. The final step before the "End"game. The trial that which shall test the player in new, frightening ways to prepare them for the coming duel with the Ender Dragon. And yet, a lot of that goes away if the player's portal spawns in this new, disappointingly common biome. If it were rarer, it'd be like an oasis within a great desert; a treat to find, a brief reprieve from the terrors of the rest of the Nether. At the very least, Nether Fortresses don't spawn here. It'd be awful were that not the case.

    Soulsand Valley: Another biome to overall avoid when playing the game, to be thrown in the same category as Swamplands and Snow Plains. However, while those two aforementioned other biomes actually have some potential for neat spots to build things, as well as a few unique features such as generated structures and mobs, the Soulsand Valley has neither of those redeeming qualities. Want to build here? Those Ghasts disagree, and as for what you might find here, the trend continues: a new directional decorative block that is a bit of a pain to mine, especially with the increased Skeleton(somewhat adds to the difficulty) and Ghast(most definitely adds to the difficulty) spawn count, and yet another new decorative block that makes.... two new decorative light source blocks, a new type of fire.... And let's not forget that the biome's Ghast infestation is not at all helped by the primarily Soulsand(will slow you down, making it harder to dodge Ghast fireballs) and Soulsoil(will ignite into Soul Fire when hit with Ghast Fireballs, and Soul Fire deals more damage than Fire already does) terrain. So, even if you reeaaally wanted that sweet, sweet Basalt, you just try and efficiently build your way up to the top of those pillars. Even if you use cobblestone and stair your way up, the blast will send you falling back to the floor, where the Soulsand is waiting to further slow you as you crawl your way back to the stairs, while yet more Ghast fireballs rain down upon you as by this point those buggers are showing up so rapidly that you've run out of arrows. There is nothing to be found within this biome that would in any way make braving its hyper-perilous landscape worth the average player's time.

    Whew, rant time over. Yo, Mojang, can we get something other than decorative blocks? Like, I'm an avid builder and all, but I do like me some new and interesting mechanics and features that aren't solely decorative. And if we can only get decorative blocks, can we not make nearly half of them a recoloring of the other near-half???

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    Quote from XAcidMystX»

    But, there was no creative in Beta 1.7

    Huh, must've been Beta 1.8 then, my bad.

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    I know I'm super late for this, but thank you so much for making my idea into a mod! Have a Happy New Year!

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    Does it work without the mods?

    There could be a few possibilities:

    1) There is a bug in one of the mods
    2) There is a bug in the GPU driver
    3) There is a problem with the GPU itself

    1. I have not installed any new mods within the last few weeks, and have been using these same mods for that length of time, to no problem. I highly doubt this is a mod problem.

    2 & 3. Quite possibly. Looking into it now.

    In the meantime, I have updated the post with a new discovery.

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    So a few days ago I was playing modded 1.12.2 in the Nether. For anyone familiar with modded Minecraft, the Nether is notorious for being hellish-ly laggy(pun intended). It just so happened that later that day a friend of mine offered me his old graphics card, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti, which proved to be better than the AMD Radeon R7 200 series graphics card that I already had. So, yesterday night I bought it from him and installed it into my computer. I downloaded the only Windows 10 drivers I could find for it, which installed successfully, or so it would seem, and then proceeded to boot up Minecraft. Still in the Nether, everything looked fine, and my FPS had increased from 2 FPS to about 15, which was a major boost for me. I was incredibly happy with these results. Now, here comes the problem part. About eight non-consecutive hours later, I die of falling from the side of a Nether Fortress, and when I respawn in the Overworld, I am met with a bizarre sight.

    As you can see in the attached image, all of the mobs, entities, and some of the tile entities (the chests, the bed), as well as some of the background grass blocks, all have their textures strangely glitched. I did fumble around with some of Optifine's video settings while in the Nether, experimenting with the new dozen or so frames that this new graphics card has provided me, and so this may also be part of if not the source of the problem. However, I am more leaning towards the idea that the graphics card had played a part in this, but it is a bit strange that the Nether was not at all affected like this.

    Edit: New discovery: Upon approaching these "glitched textures", the grey affect "melts away as you approach" JUST like the Fog effect does at the edge of chunks in the world. For the mobs, the effects only did so when I was incredibly close to them, whereas, with the sides of the grass blocks, it would do so in a radius around me. As for the tile entities such as the chests, the effect was the same as it was with mobs. The entire area around me appears as if the Fog effect were just, well, everywhere. This is incredibly strange and does not fix itself when Fog is disabled. Upon setting the Render Distance to Far, the problem with the grass blocks (which I must now point out were the only solid blocks affected by this) disappeared, however, the mobs and tile entities are still the same. Upon sunset dawning in my world, I noticed that as I flew around my character, having been in Spectator Mode for troubleshooting purposes, I noticed that the supposed Fog that was surrounding the mobs and tile entities was changing from the usual color to a reddish color. As I rose up I discovered that the Fog changed colors with the direction I was facing, turning red as I looked toward the red sunset, and turning black as I turned to face the rising moon. This practically confirms my suspicion that this effect has something to do with the game's Fog effects, some sort of glitch in them that has surrounded all entities. Also, although I may just be going crazy, this effect seems to have translated over to the main menu, in the fact that the entire game now seems to have this hardly-noticeable grey-white transparent filter over it.

    Anyways, please give me your thoughts.

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    Quote from leonelmegaman»

    Quite Sad because this mod had a lot of unique features.

    Yeah. I've petitioned(made a post in the appropriate mods forum on this website) many times to try and get someone to update/recreate this mod, but have yet to have any luck. It is highly unfortunate.

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    Just found out that you can bump your thread every 12 hours, so bump bump bump!

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    I have done a lot of testing, with y-levels, light levels and skylight, and the conclusion that I have come to is that hostile and neutral mobs that spawn at night are only spawning underground. This specifically applies to mobs that spawn at night, as hostile surface mobs like Primitive Mobs's Lily Lurkers are spawning fine, and neutral surface mobs like Bear With Me's bears are spawning fine as well. However, all Vanilla AND Primitive Mobs mobs that normally spawn above ground at night, be they hostile or neutral, simply will not spawn naturally above ground at night. The summon command and mob eggs work fine, and they DO indeed spawn underground in caves, and at all normal y-levels. I AM playing on Hard difficulty, and as displayed by what I stated earlier, the mobSpawning gamerule is indeed set to true. I even created a new world on Hard and nothing changed. After checking another world, I found that Illagers are still spawning at Woodland Mansions. Mob spawners work underground, however, when I grabbed a spider spawner and moved it to the surface, while it was night, during a thunderstorm, it would NOT spawn any spiders. I then created a large, enclosed cobblestone structure near-identical to a dungeon, and upon placing the spawner on its second floor, it immediately began spawning spiders. It would seem, conclusively, that mobs are only spawning in enclosed, dark spaces, like caves. And that simply won't do.

    Here's the list of mods being used, mod versions included:

    Forge version 1.12.2-

    Additional Banners 1.1.40

    AI Improvements 1.12-0.0.1b3

    Albdeo 0.1.3

    Albedo Compat 1.0

    AppleCore 3.1.1

    AppleSkin 1.0.9



    AutoRegLib 1.3-18

    Bear With Me 1.3

    Better Advancements

    BetterFps 1.4.8

    Born In A Barn V1.8-1.12-1.0

    Client Tweaks 3.1.6

    Combust Fish

    Coral Reef 2.4

    CoroUtil 1.2.11

    CT Tiny Coal 1.0.2

    Dynamic Lights 1.12.2

    Enchanting Bottles 1.0

    Lapis Stays in Enchanting Table 1.1.3

    Endthereal 1.0

    Enhanced Snowman 1.0.1

    Environmental Creepers 1.4.0

    Expanded Bonemeal 1.2.1

    Food Expansion 1.3.2

    Fps Reducer 1.9

    Ghast Leather 1.0

    Giacomos Compass 1.0.6

    Giacomos Map Merging 1.1

    Giacomos Maps 1.2.3

    Giacomos Teleport 1.3

    Happy Landings 1.0

    Harvest With Dispenser 1.0.0

    iChun Util 7.1.4

    Improved Villagers 3.0.2

    Inspirations 0.2.1

    Just a Few Fish 1.7

    Klee Slabs 5.4.8


    Mob Amputation 7.0.0

    Mob Dismemberment 7.0.0

    MultiMine 1.12.2

    Natural Baby Animals 1.1.3

    Nether Portal Fix 5.3.13

    OpenEye 0.8

    OptiFine 1.12.2 HD U D1


    Permafrost corePlugin

    PiTweaks 0.5.5

    Players Drop Heads 1.1.0

    Pretty Beaches 1.0.3

    Primitive Mobs 1.1.6

    Quark r1.4-125

    Rock Be Gone 1.1.0

    Shipwrecks 2.0.0

    Silk Spawner 1.01

    Slimy Boyos 1.0.0

    Sophisticated Wolves 3.13.2

    Sound Filters 0.10

    Stack Size 1.0

    Swing Through Grass 1.2.3

    TNT Utilities 1.2.3

    Trees of Stages 1.3.1

    Underp Hangables 1.0.0

    Weiss Albedo 0.0.13

    Wolf Armor

    XP from Harvest 1.0.1

    Zombie Players 1.1.1

    Zombie Awareness 1.11.14

    If anyone here has ever had this same problem using any of the listed mods, or has any insight in how one might fix this, your input would be appreciated in solving this issue. I would like to avoid any solutions that would mean creating a new world entirely.

    So far I have tried opening the world to LAN (a solution I saw on an old r/feedthebeast post about a similar issue), rapidly switching difficulties, deleting/updating some mods, reloading chunks, and checking lighting levels. Nothing.

    Please help me out.

    Problem solved. It was a config option from


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    I'm working on a 1.12 tech/hardcore/dimensions/staged modpack for a group of friends. I have set it up so each dimension has its own reason for a player to want to go there. The Nether in particular is to be the "potions/powerhouse" dimension. One method of energy generation will be thermal, and will either use lava that has been pumped or the very heat of the Nether itself to generate mass power. However, this power will not be able to be directly, automatically transferred from the Nether to the Overworld until the Void has been accessed. I plan to use either Voidaic Arcania or Unforgiving Void for this, and will be using Bedrock Miner regardless of whether or not I choose to use Voidaic Arcania.

    However, I want this method of cross-dimensional energy transfer to be very precise. By that, I mean that if we are to use a wireless system of Block A in the Nether transfers energy to receiving Block B in the Overworld, Block B will have to be A. At the exact same coordinates as Block B, cross dimensionally, B. At the y-level just above the final y-level of bedrock before the Void, and C. Above an Air Block that is within that final y-level of bedrock above the Void, allowing Block B "access" to the Void. The energy is to be transferred from A to B through the Void, literally if I decide to use Voidaic Arcania, or figuratively if I decide to use Unforgiving Void. If I use Voidaic Arcania, I would set it up so there needs to be two more blocks involved, one at the top of the Void dimension, aligned with Blocks A and B, and one at the bottom, Nether ceiling of the Void dimension, coordinates aligned with Blocks A and B.

    Now, my problems.

    A. I have yet to find a mod with a cross dimensional energy transfer machine like this, nor one that could be configured to work like this.

    B. I lack the skill to accomplish the creation of a block like this.

    And so, I came here. If someone likes the idea enough to try and make it into a mod, or someone knows of a mod or grouping of mods that would meet my needs for such a machine, input would be most appreciated.

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    Quote from Reika»

    I have never made a statement that I would never update.

    Fantastic! I will wait however long it takes! It is good to see that you aren't one of the many mod developers that abandon their outdated mods!

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    Do you have any intention to, at some point, port your Void Monster mod to the latest version of Minecraft? If not, would you mind if I asked around some mod developers to see if anyone would be interested in creating a from-the-ground-up (none of your code being recycled) port? If not a from-the-ground-up port, then a new mod entirely with a similar concept, the base concept of a hostile mob that lives beneath the bedrock and can attack the player if the bedrock is broken?

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    Quote from ScotsMiser»

    Amen.... ;(
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    posted a message on The Cluester; A Passive, Farmable Nether Mob

    The Cluester (pronounced either cloo-ster, cloo-ess-ter, or cluster) is an odd creature. It is anatomically similar to a chicken, yet with quartz crystals in place of feathers, causing it to be unable to flutter itself to the ground, unlike regular chickens. It has slightly more health due to the quartz that makes up its outer body. It drops 0-2 Nether Quartz upon death, and rarely cooked chicken(it's usually inedible due to the shards of quartz buried within it, crunchy). Cluesters spawn in the Nether by Nether Quartz ore, usually in groups of 4-6. They, like Overworld animals, lack specialized genders, and can breed with one another if offered nether wart. Cluesters, like all Nether Mobs, are immune to fire, and as such are able to swim in magma. Cluesters can be, if utilized by a smart player, used as a renewable source of quartz, as they will occasionally shed lone crystals of Nether Quartz in the same way their Overworld counterparts lay eggs, although less frequently.

    So, what do you think? I've been hatching this one (egg joke) for a while, and only now have decided to release this concept to the public.

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    I'm getting the same villager, have for a while now with many different modded worlds with many different mods, but the trend so far is that Open Blocks was installed for all of these, so I think it might be from that. However, nowhere is the Audiophile listed in any feature list from OpenBlocks, oddly.

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    I've ran four different worlds, the first being of the Lost Cities BoP world type with rare cities profile selected, the second Lost Cities Default world type with rare cities profile selected, the third being a normal BoP world type, and the fourth being Default world type. Each world has had the same, strange worldgen of unknown origin that I wish to be rid of.

    Here are screenshots:


    If anyone has encountered worldgen such as this and knows of its source mod, please respond. You will be saving me a great deal of time. In the meantime, I will be searching, and will post the resolve here for any who need to know.

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