About Me

Name: Carlos Nsu

Species: Duck

Personality: Friends with Newton, loves Video Games

Name: Newton Nsu

Species: Harixes

Personality: Friends with Carlos, loves Video Games.

Name: Melissa (Meli) Lolussi

Species: Human

Personality: Wife of Leond, very timid and shy.

Name: Millizu (NotMilly) Rachinice

Species: Human

Personality: Very calm. Has a hatred over Miki and Bob.

Name: Tau Gotha

Species: Math Symbol

Personality: Guards herself and everyone but Tee & DaET. She hates them with a burning passion.

Name: Cherry Iceapie (Avatar)

Species: Squid

Personality: I want to eat this NOW! And that! Also that!


IQ Test
IQ Test

Apparently my interest is that if you are following me, you are considered a Gonlum3Never.

Artwork by others

Location Turning Tee into squid.

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Minecraft Genlems5Ever Xbox But it's ripped PSN Play at stations