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    Just making an educated guess, I'd probably say Notch's skin, since he was technically the first player. I'm not exactly sure though.

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    This AGAIN?

    You're comparing Minecraft and Terraria like they're almost identical. They aren't. In fact, they're so vastly unalike it would be like comparing Undertale to Grand Theft Auto. Just because you can place blocks does NOT MEAN they're even similar games. Terraria's focus is on adventure. Killing bosses, getting loot, raiding dungeons, etc. Minecraft is more about building. It's more like a video game engine; the game doesn't matter, it's what you create in the game.

    I mean, holy crap, these games aren't even in the same DIMENSION. How can anyone think they're alike?

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    I'm pretty sure by splash he means splash damage. If so, the sword would deal 9 hearts of damage to all enemies within a 3-block radius with a single swing. Just saying.

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    So I decided to build this district a bit differently, since I wanted to differentiate it from the Quarters District a bit. I decided to get it all framed out and organized first, to give the build a more orderly and militaristic look. There are a lot more straight lines and square shapes here, but I hope to maintain the level of detail and complexity I've maintained thus far. It's not going to be as big as I expected, which was a bit disappointing, but I'm sorta restricted by the mountain itself. I'll have to expand underground a lot.

    Also, what do you think about this catapult? I suck at microbuilds and I'd appreciate feedback.

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    Click here to download the map!

    Fjalloheim is a massive city built up the side of Shatterpeak, the largest mountain in wherever-the-heck-I'm-going-to-use-this-build. It is thousands of years old, and has been build and rebuilt hundreds of times, giving it a mismatched and patchwork feel. The city is built from wood and stone variants, with some iron and stained clay mixed in. It borrows from Nordic and Dwarven styles, but also keeps its own unique feel. So without any more delay, let's get started!



    None right now!


    The Commerce District

    The equivalent of a port, the Commerce District is where all trade with Fjalloheim is held. It has many airship ports, cranes, storage areas, and shops. The district is also outfitted with multiple defenses, including a massive catapult, in case of sieges or raids, since it isn't protected by the Armory. Notable buildings include the Firebolt Inn.

    The Chasm District

    The Chasm District is the oldest section of Fjalloheim, and most of the houses are either falling over or already have fallen over. It is a very poor section of town, and has no shops or businesses. The district is very small and VERY claustrophobic, making it a polar opposite from the Quarters District which has a very grand scale.

    The Quarters District

    The Quarters District is the main entrance to Fjalloheim, and consists mostly of housing, shops, and storage. Notable buildings are the Main Gate, the Rusty Tankard Inn, Harper's General Store, Perendon's Leather, and the Grand Arch. 100% complete.

    Do you like the project? Please leave a reputation point, a nice comment, or even a criticism. Your responses are essentially my payment, so everything helps!

    Oh, and since this is a thing:

    1100 Views: August 31st, 2015

    1.5K Views: September 6th, 2015

    2000 Views! September 12th, 2015 (approx)


    4000 Views! At some point in time and space (probably around October 29th or so)

    5,300 Views: December 13th, 2015

    This thread is here to document my progress on Fjalloheim, a capital city for another upcoming Adventure Map. The city is built up the side of a huge mountain, and is made mostly from stone and wood variants, with a bit of iron and stained clay mixed in. It borrows from Nordic and Dwarven styles. So, without further ado, let's get started!

    Here's the base for the city. The first order of business was getting the farms and stuff set up.

    Here's the windmill.

    Here's the farmhouse.

    Here's the farmhouse interior.

    ...And here's the walkway from the house to the windmill.

    I'll try to post daily updates as the build process continues!

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    Well, I'm back! I got a good chunk of work done on The Fallen Land, and I'm ready to get back to work on Fjalloheim. I detailed the heck out of the underground city, and added all sorts of nice clutter to make things look less empty. I really like the ceilings, they give the whole build a way nicer look.

    And, as a bonus...download!


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    *brain explodes*

    Have all my likes @[email protected]

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    Quote from tribbleofqonos»

    You should post a video falling down, that would be awesome to watch

    Problem is, it would probably be over 80 years long. And it would just be a still image of the sky the whole time.
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    Sorry for the wait, guys! No, I'm not dead and neither is this project; I've just been busy with other stuff. Mainly, getting the basic builds done for Dungeonrunner - The Fallen Land before 1.9 before I can start doing all the redstone for it. I've been working on Fjalloheim on and off, but haven't done anything to warrant an update. I should be back to updating regularly in a few weeks.

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    Inconceivably full support.
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