About Me
I love :Notch: because he created the :Pig: and they give me they give me :Ham: which I turn into :Bacon: using a :Furnace:. I dont like :Notch: because he made the :SSSS: and the :Spider: and the :Skeleton: and also the :Zombie: I also dont like :Notch: because he made :Lava: which took away my :Diamond:, :GoldBar:, and :Iron:. I will aways love :Notch: because of :tnt:. I will remain loyal to minecraft brcause of :VV: even if it destroyed my :wood: house. I will love :Notch: even though I am scared of :mossystone: + :chestfront: and holes in :opblock: and mainly because he made Minecraft. :Pig:
Interests I really enjoy eating porkchops. Killing pigs and watching dissolve into smoke is fun too. Sharing the world of the delcious porkchop is a huge intrest.