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    I've always preferred RedLogic over Project:Red - it's just much neater and gave me what I wanted in one (two with Core) package, versus Project:Red's.... stuff.

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    Quote from ScottKillen

    This line:

    says that Minecraft Forge is throwing the exception.

    No idea why it works in single player...no idea why it is crashing...but it should crash in all cases as this code is called the same way in every case.

    I had my guy run more tests, and discovered that the exact same error happens with only Biomes o' Plenty installed (didn't test Highlands), but only with his Linux installation. I was able to start up a local server on my Windows PC with both EBXL and BoP just fine.

    Disabling all village generation in the EBXL config allowed us to get his Linux server up and running, so I'm throwing my hands up and calling it a Linux-Forge thing. And made plans for a zombie villager reclamation compound.
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