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About me:

Hello everyone!

I'm a java coder and Minecraft modder. I discovered Minecraft back in 2011. I released my first mod, HybridCraft, back in October of 2012. I purchased Minecraft in March of 2013. I went on to release SecurityCraft in June of that year, which has since gotten nearly a million downloads, and has been in the top #30 of CurseForge's "Top 100 Mods" list.

I was hired as a Moderator on 12/8/13. I currently moderate the Mapping & Modding section.

Feel free to Tweet me @I_Mod_Minecraft, send me a message on Steam, or join my IRC channel #GeforceMods, which all my other friends are in. :)

Thanks for reading!


- Making Minecraft mods

- Chatting with my friends on EsperNet

- Listening to Taylor Swift songs....

Location D/FW, Texas

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