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Welcome to my profile. I have been playing Minecraft since its early beta and have finally registered an account.
As you can see, I lurk quite a lot on the Super Hostile thread, so expect me to be watching the thread often.

You can also find me in EsperNet, #CTM.

I will happily beta test any CTM map you make. Just PM me.

Time spent lurking on the Super Hostile forums: 1 year.

CTM maps beaten: Sea of Flame II, Infernal Sky II, Kaizo Caverns, Black Desert, Canopy Carnage, Legendary, Sunburn Island, Lethamyr, Waking Up, Vinyl Fantasy 1 & 2, Uncharted Territory 1 & 2, Ragequit Holidays (yes I beat it; took me over 100 tries) Vinyl Fantasy FML (that was a pain), The Fire Beneath

CTM maps that I've beta tested: Pantheon.

CTM maps in progress: Blight Castle.

Never did finish Nightmare Realm. *shrug*

Yay, I have a new, animated avatar. Embrace it.

Note that I am no longer active around these forums.

I pop on and off occasionally to check up on the threads that I used to follow (including Vechs' Super Hostile thread and the CTM Community Thread), but I have mostly moved on. Minecraft just does not strike any form of impeccable inspiration in me any more, and I have lost all interest in CTM maps.

I still occasionally play Minecraft with friends, but my general enthusiasm for the game has dissipated.

If you want to talk to me, you can contact me via deviantART or Twitter. I am fairly active around those parts —you'll certainly have a much higher chance of contacting me via those sites than the Minecraft Forums.

Thank you to all those who have followed me in the past, and to all my friends that I have made here. You're all awesome.

If you're just straying around and viewing an old CTM veteran's profile for the fun of it, or out of pure nostalgia, then I commend you for it. Not too many people remember me here.

See you all around,

– Geechan
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Minecraft GeeChan Xbox Silly Curse. I don't have an Xbox.

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