About Me
Used to moderate in.. early 2010 I think? Did that for a few months. I dealt with people directly, negotiating with people who were upset about warnings and calming them down; I also tried to support the suggestions section by encouraging people to contribute constructively.

It was challenging but quite fun. It was like trying to fend off a tidal wave with your bare hands, but hey. :tongue.gif:

My interests eventually changed and I had to move on. I sorta just wandered off without telling anyone and for that, I am sorry.

In my time, I surely dealt with a couple thousand issues. I'd occasionally try to read various forum sections to get a feel for everybody's thoughts on stuff. As I did this, I came across many unreported problem posts and members and dealt with them immediately and directly.

When dealing with the ever-growing pile of reports, I would tend to wipe it out completely. Back then, handling 100 reports straight was a big deal; I and others of course managed to do this several times whenever they'd pile up on busy days.

It was fun. I liked meeting and speaking with people, even the upset ones.

Unfortunately, I had to move on to other things. I admit I eventually grew weary of the job. People I had met and spoken with at length, people with which I believe to have made a personal connection, would eventually fade away and be replaced by ten new members. It become nearly impossible for me to have a direct or personal touch when dealing with reports case by case.

I found the personal touch to be very important, even essential. I handled my role as a moderator more as a mentor and negotiator rather than an enforcer of rules or guidelines.

Heh. Ah well.

Hope this was enlightening. I don't mean to imply that I'm perfect, but during my time as a moderator, I did my very best to make just about every person I dealt with as comfortable as possible.

Anyway, see you guys around.
Interests Art, music, and all that delightful stuff.