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    posted a message on Are Sand Generators Cheating?
    Those exist? Well ultimately it's up to you. I find that a lot of people have their own idea of what is legit and what isn't. Personally if I was in your situation I wouldn't have qualms using such a thing if it existed esp after exhausted most other means of getting it. You're generating sand, not diamonds.
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    posted a message on Name Your Funniest Moments In Minecraft
    The mega chicken. Way back in the early multiplayer days of minecraft there was a few... problems, with a chicken mob on our test server. The chicken... was immortal. We punched it, we chopped it with swords, we kicked it around, we set the thing on fire and it wouldn't die!

    I thought that was all behind me but I thought of it recently when I had to fix my new server when I had chicken sploshion. The server thought no square meter should be without it's own chicken.
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    I fear that the game will someday find a reason to spawn me in the middle of an ocean. That is my nightmare.
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    Quote from l3lackCalamity

    I feel sorry for everyone who went to minecon. Questions at the panels were nothing but 5 year olds shouting worthlessness.

    Some questions asked at this years Minecon

    - A child at the modding panel

    I'm a mother, and I don't know anything about minecraft but I'm curious how your mothers helped you.
    -Some boy's mother

    What does the word "mod" stand for?
    -little boy

    -little boy

    -little boy

    Do you like the portal gun mod?
    -little boy

    Do you want to join my fathers server?
    -Some oddly dressed woman at notch

    Is this really what the community has become ?

    Suddenly I'm reminded about the episode of Family guy where Stewie kidnaps the entire cast of Star Trek TNG and 'why' he did it.
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    No evil lair would be complete without it. Good idea.
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    Heres what you do. You take all the sugar cane, feed it to a chicken. Find a bunch of wheat, and feed that to the chicken. Then you find a cow, milk it, feed the milk to the chicken. Then observe as the chicken lays a cake.
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