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    Quote from betasword »
    I'm not sure if this would be possible or not, but would it be possible to add some way of making null blocks or something like that to the templates? Basically, a block, that when it comes to generating into the world, would just not change anything?

    You can use '300' as a null block. There's special codes in the readme that let you spawn special blocks, such as generators (for all generatable monsters) and chests with loot.
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    Here's a template for a 'portal shrine'. Very handy if you don't like mining for obsidian. :iapprove:

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    Quote from theicychameleon »
    Hi :smile.gif: Did you read the rules? Its generally considered polite, and necessary to search before you post. Heres a few NPC threads:Thats only around a tenth of whats actually out there, probably doesn't need a new thread.

    Thankyou for linking multiple posts within two to three threads and otherwise not contributing criticisms or comments about the idea itself. Additionally, while the posts you've linked were related to my idea, they weren't very detailed, and so I've made a somewhat more detailed post about the suggestion itself. Generally, I consider it polite to talk about the idea instead of being a white knight.
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    I'd like to see minecraftian mobs; mobs that resemble players, and can be interacted with in various ways.
    I think they could be separated into two general groups: Friendly and Aggressive.

    Friendly minecraftians either wander around or spawn in a small house in a random area, and could be interacted with a right click or the like. They might tell you the location of something nearby ala Old Man from Legend of Zelda ("There's a dungeon east of here!" or "Mountains are north of here!") which could be generated beforehand, allowing random terrain to generate in between. Others may offer a trade with you, asking for gold bricks or materials for some of theirs. The wandering minecraftians can disappear, but the ones inside houses would be static unless they were destroyed, perhaps.

    Aggressive minecraftians are bandits, evil knights, pirates, barbarians, what have you. They may wander around, appear in groups, or appear in some sort of randomly generated encampment. They'll usually have cloth, leather, or chain mail armor, with the stronger armor appearing more rarely, and they'll be equipped with their fists, or varying degrees of swords, or with bows. Rarely, you'll find a mob sporting a set of diamond armor. These mobs can be taken out and they may drop what they're equipped with, plus a few random materials. It'd be cool if the ones decked out in diamond appear at the bottom of dungeons or maybe in the tops of pre-generated, randomly placed castles?

    What do you think about this?
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    Quote from LightWarriorK »
    Yeah, I'm still skeptical.

    For one thing, it's not much harder to make an iron tool than it is to make a stone tool. And emerald, too. If stats are going to be applied to items, and it's too simple to get the higher-quality types, then what's the point of having the lower ones at all?

    I'm still hopefull: Crafting is still on the ToDo list, so it's not final by a longshot. But it really seems absurdly simple, too constrained to allow for comprehensive variety, and ill-suited for a fleshed-out system.

    It may be solvable with some heavy rebalancing of material requirements and material availability, but I'm not sure if it can be done with the 3x3 grid. There's just not enough room.

    Everyone should be able to have the best tools, but that doesn't mean they should all be easy to get. "Once everyone is special, then no one will be."

    And yet....this may be exactly how complex Notch wants the system to be. I'm sure if it is, we'll be able to adapt.

    I like the system, though it is not without need of some changes. What I'd like to see are recipes that require more materials than can fit spread out (5 iron on one space, ex.), and for the rarer materials to be deeper down in the earth. Course, we've yet to deal with monsters on the way to said materials, so...
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    Quote from Orj »
    I like your suggestions, except for the magic items. I think items should stop at steel. (Oh, and I think you meant coal instead of copper.)

    I think it should take a lot of blocks to make an item - you don't want to be running around in full armor, with a steel sword two minutes after logging on. I like the amounts you give.

    I figured with skeletons and that sort of thing, why not magic items as well? Either way...

    Quote from skintkingle »
    i agree with Orj, your balance of resources is rather correct, but magic items seems to have gone too far.
    I dont however agree with stopping at steel, unless you have an idea for some other use for gold blocks, otherwise they are just pointlessly in-game.
    I never thought of making new forms of defence.
    That idea i admit i love.

    I added a bunch of new stuff that will probably be a better replacement, such as gunpowder, dynamite, a better version of the sword and shield, and a pistol (or in this case, a flintlock).

    Quote from Marenkon »
    thats prety good BUT i think there should be a golem too
    He looks like a pile of rock at first, but then turns into a monster

    I like this. I'll add it in my list.

    Quote from Yourself »
    Why not just use those stone blocks to make the wall 5 times thicker so it's 5 times as durable?

    Yeah, probably should change that...

    Quote from Skyward »
    Mining pick to dig through any material much faster.

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    I had some ideas for the survival mode as to what could be in it. So, I wrote them down. Here's a practical list of items, monsters, and what have you that would be cool to have in survival mode, plus the materials for items and other important information:

    *A source of Water means you must be near water or near a water container of some sort.
    *A source of Fire means you must be near something hot, such as lava or a forge.

    Equipment - Level 0 (Basic)
    Wooden Sword - Not the best weapon, but hey, it's something.
    [i]Requires 20 wood blocks.[/i]
    Wooden Shield - Not the best defense, but hey, it's something.
    [i]Requires 40 wood blocks.[/i]
    Bow - Sometimes, you'll just need to be ranged.
    [i]Requires 30 wood blocks.[/i]
    Quiver - Hey, gotta store that ammunition somewhere, right?
    [i]Requires ???. Probably material from pigs.[/i]
    Arrow - Ammunition for your bow. Very important!
    [i]Requires 1 wood block.[/i]
    Poison Sap - Poisons your weapons, giving them extra damage for the next few attacks.
    [i]Requires 5 poison mushrooms.[/i]
    Healing Sap - Much more effective than healing with mushrooms or meat.
    [i]Requires 5 mushrooms.[/i]
    Torch - Helps you see in the darkness, or during the night. Can also light things on fire.
    [i]Requires 1 wood block + a source of Fire.[/i]
    Mud Cube - Twice as durable as dirt blocks, plus they look nice.
    [i]Requires 10 dirt blocks + a source of Water.[/i]
    Water Pot - Holds water, so you don't need to be near bodies of water.
    [i]Requires 20 dirt blocks + a source of Water.[/i]
    Improved Stone Cube? - Twice as durable as stone blocks. Great for castles!
    [i]Requires 5 stone blocks + a source of Water?[/i]

    Forges and Equipment - Level 1
    Stone Forge - Level 1 forge that can be used to make basic equipment.
    [i]Requires 50 stone blocks + 1 kindling. Takes up a 2x2 cube.
    Anvil - Necessary to make strong weaponry.
    [i]Requires Stone Forge + 10 iron blocks.[/i]
    Iron Sword - A strong sword. An improved form of the wooden sword.
    [i]Requires 25 iron blocks + Stone Forge + Anvil.[/i]
    Iron Shield - A sturdy shield. Improved over the wooden shield.
    [i]Requires 40 iron blocks + Stone Forge + Anvil.[/i]
    Iron Arrow - A stronger than normal arrow. Don't go wasting these!
    [i]Requires 2 iron blocks + Stone Forge + Anvil.[/i]
    Iron Cube - Resilient block that can take a beating.
    [i]Requires 5 iron blocks + Stone Forge.[/i]
    Copper Cube - Resilient but malleable block that isn't too durable but easy to make.
    [i]Requires 2 copper blocks + Stone Forge.[/i]

    Forges and Equipment - Level 2
    Iron Forge - Level 2 forge that can be used to make advanced equipment.
    [i]Requires Stone Forge + 10 coal blocks + 30 iron blocks.[/i]
    Alchemy Set - Equipment that allows the production of potions and poisons.
    [i]Requires Stone Forge + 10 glass blocks.[/i]
    Steel Sword - A powerful sword. This is almost as good as it gets!
    [i]Requires Iron Forge + 20 iron blocks + 20 copper blocks.[/i]
    Steel Shield - A powerful defensive item. This is almost as good as it gets!
    [i]Requires Iron Forge + 30 iron blocks + 30 copper blocks.[/i]
    Iron Rod - Magic? What's that?
    [i]Requires Iron Forge + 20 iron blocks.[/i]
    Recurve Bow - Much more accurate than the normal bow.
    [i]Requires Iron Forge + 40 wood blocks + 20 iron blocks.[/i]
    Pickaxe - When you need something done... mine it yourself! Increases mining rate.
    [i]Requires 20 wood blocks + 20 iron blocks + Iron Forge.[/i]
    Gunpowder - Used to make ammunition, bombs, that sort of thing. If set on fire, it explodes.
    [i]Requires 10 coal blocks + 10 copper blocks + ???.[/i]
    Dynamite - Explodes a large area. Great for mining! Need I say more?
    [i]Requires 5 gunpowder blocks + 5 copper blocks + Iron Forge. [/i]
    Flare - Hey, someone has to know where you are every once in awhile.
    [i]Requires 1 gunpowder block + 2 wood blocks.[/i]
    Healing Potion - A powerful healing item that recovers a lot of life.
    [i]Requires 10 mushrooms + 10 yellow flowers + 1 crystal.[/i]
    Deadly Poison - A powerful poison that's stronger than poison sap.
    [i]Requires 10 poison mushrooms + 10 red flowers + 1 crystal.[/i]
    Crystal - A valued gem that can be worth points at the end.
    [i]Can be naturally found or created with 50 stone blocks + Iron Forge.[/i]
    Steel Block - The greatest material for defenses.
    [i]Requires 5 iron blocks + 5 copper blocks.[/i]

    Forges and Equipment - Level 3
    Gold Forge - Level 3 forge that makes the best equipment.
    [i]Requires Iron Forge + 20 gold blocks + 5 crystals.[/i]
    -------- Normal Items?
    Ammunition - Can't fire a flintlock without this!
    [i]Requires 1 gunpowder block + 1 crystal. [/i]
    Flintlock/Pistol - The most advanced weaponry you can get out here. Nobody will challenge you with this!
    [i]Requires iron rod + 20 wood blocks + 20 steel blocks + 5 gold blocks + Gold Forge.[/i]
    Steel Pick - If you need something done, mine it yourself! Greatly increases mining rate.
    [i]Requires iron rod + 20 steel blocks + 20 wood blocks + Gold Forge.[/i]
    Carbon Steel Sword - And you thought it couldn't get any better. Strongest sword that can be made.
    [i]Requires iron rod + 40 steel blocks + 10 iron blocks + 10 copper blocks + 5 gold blocks + Gold Forge.[/i]
    Tempered Shield - You'll live a much safer life with this nearby. The strongest shield that can be made.
    [i]Requires 60 steel blocks + 20 iron blocks + 20 copper blocks + 10 gold blocks + Gold Forge.[/i]
    -------- Magic Items (probably a bad idea)
    Enchanted Rod - Required to make magic items.
    [i]Requires Iron Rod + 10 gold blocks + 10 crystals.[/i]
    Rod of Ice - Freeze your foes from a distance. Can't be recharged!
    [i]Requires Iron Rod + Enchanted Rod + 20 snow blocks + 10 crystals + 1 sapphire.[/i]
    Rod of Fire - More powerful than even the Recurve Bow, but can't be recharged!
    [i]Requires Iron Rod + Enchanted Rod +20 molten blocks + 10 crystals + 1 ruby.[/i]
    Magic Sword - The ultimate item in terms of offense. You can shoot beams with it!
    [i]Requires Enchanted Rod + 20 gold blocks + 10 crystals + 1 diamond.[/i]
    Magic Shield - The ultimate item in terms of protection. This can deflect some magic, too!
    [i]Requires Enchanted Rod + 30 gold blocks + 15 crystals + 1 diamond.[/i]

    Reinforced Gold Block - Reinforced with steel, it's resistant to many forms of attack.
    [i]Requires 5 gold blocks + 5 iron blocks + 5 copper blocks.[/i]

    New Monsters
    Troll - A green muscular monster that will tear through materials to get to you.
    Ogre - Stronger than the troll, this guy can tear through materials with ease. He's big for a normal creature!
    Golem - Appears to be a rock at first, but don't be deceived!
    Vampire - A soldier of the undead, his attacks restore life!
    Lich - A great undead monster that utilizes magic. Be prepared before you fight him!

    New Materials
    Crystals - Spawns deep under the ground, or can be made with the right amounts of materials. Are worth extra points!
    Gems - Much rarer than crystals, but also much more valuable. Worth many more points than crystals.
    Cotton - Special plants that allow you to make fiber blocks.
    (More) Flowers - These can be used to make dyes.
    Ice/Snow - They appear deep within the earth or at high altitudes. Important for making the Ice Rod.
    Magma/??? rock - Appears around lava. Important for making the Fire Rod.

    What do you guys think? The materials needed for each item probably aren't proportionate to what can be found in survival mode, but I thought these would be pretty cool.
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    So what did you mean by "$15 is a bit steep for a java game" if you didn't mean "$15 is too expensive for a java game because it's java"?

    Gantz worded his post wrong and is thus getting owned for it.
    Choose a better choice of words next time, Gantz :smile.gif:

    I think I'm done here if you want to nitpick little problems with my posts, if you've got nothing better to say.
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    Quote from Real »
    How about when the map loads and connects, instead of going right into that map, a page appears with those customised server rules. You have to scroll down and click "Accept" or something of that sort in order to enter.

    Love this idea. Would be very useful from what everyone's saying, anyway.
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    Ah, right, because its not like Minecraft isn't made with Java. I was merely being specific, but say what what you will.
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    Quote from citricsquid »
    Quote from Quatroking »
    What are we talking about anyways? Does Gantz not like minecraft or something, or doesn't he want to pay for it?

    He said it isn't worth $15 because it was made in java.

    I did? Really? I guess because I link games using different engines you automatically assume this is the reason.
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    Quote from AlexVMiner »
    Quote from AKBAR_GUY »
    Jails are stupid. Everyone knows how to get out of them anyway.

    Do you know how to get out of a 1x1x2?

    You can get out of it if you change the block below you to a flower block! It's so ea-NOT. I've seen it done before, though.

    I never place a jail on my server. It's not going to stop a griefer from breaking things, and if you're that attached to your work, then either backup the levels, or play on single player.
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    Quote from AlexVMiner »
    Just face it. You like FUN, not graphics, characters, controls, system storyline, etc.

    Game A can be like that and still be fun, you know. The quality of the game's content is not inverse to entertainment value.
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    Quote from Wolfram »
    I'm not really interested in this debate, but I have to step in and say that your statement on people not caring about the quality of the games they play is totally absurd, especially considering that these people are saying they like to pay for games that can entertain them for longer.

    Just so we're clear:

    A game is meant to entertain. No matter what you choose to play or how you choose to play it, if you're playing a game, you are opting to convert free time in to time spent entertained. Therefore, the quality of a game is directly proportional to its ability to entertain you. If game A can keep you entertained for longer than game B, game A a higher quality game? Damn straight it is. It's not necessarily more complex, more detailed, more anything else - but it doesn't have to be. Some people can do more with less.

    And while I'm here, just to clarify something else: GMod as a game is comparable to Minecraft's Sandbox as a mode. Minecraft as a full game - the product which is rapidly approaching and for which I actually paid my money - is in a different league entirely.

    Thank you for not getting my point. If I didn't explain it well enough, my bad. I'm simply arguing that a game is not just about how long you're entertained, but also about the quality of such entertainment. If you play a game for 100 hours and get mediocre amounts of fun, is it any better than a game lasting 20 hours that's quite a lot of fun? I guess to you and citricsquid, it is.
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    posted a message on This is why we cannot have nice things
    How in the heck did that happen?
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