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    posted a message on Would Minecraft be better with great graphics?
    Maybe a week ago i started thinking about how minecraft could be improved, and i couldn't think of much except of course to add more content, and possibilities, and more accessibility (my graphics card won't run minecraft), But other than that, not much more can be done that i can imagine. Then it hit me. I knew what would most definitely make minecraft ten times better easily. I started thinking about improved graphics, and i don't mean textures, i completely changing the blocks, into more realistic polygons. For example, every time your pick would hit a stone, a chunk (of random size and proportion) would fall off and be collectable, just the same with the rest of the world. this would make everything much more realistic.

    I see so many possiblities for this game, although something like what i would like to see likely won't happen for years. =/
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    posted a message on Modifing your minecraft.jar file.
    lol, am i the only one who thought half of these comments were funny? Anyway, i need help, i follow all the instructions (I'm only installing a mod) but i end up getting a black screen every time i delete the meta-inf. even if i have no mods installed, i still black screen. Is this because im using the browser version? I can't use the client, i have a bad video card.
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    posted a message on I deleted META-INF and Minecraft won't work now.
    I have to say, hearing people constantly say play the game in the client and not the browser is seriously aggravating. some of us (ME) can't play in the client version because we have a graphics card that won't run it. so I'm forced to play in the browser. Does this mean that i can't ever download any mods?! :sleep.gif:
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    posted a message on [V1.3] Optimine (FPS Boost) [OPTIMIZATION] *UPDATED*
    I did exactly as instructed, but when i open minecraft in browser, it black screens immediately. help?
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    posted a message on Continue the Story!
    ...By firin' his lazar...
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    posted a message on N³ PVE MMO Survival [Bukkit][WorldGuard]
    Sounds like just what i've been searching for. I would love to join your server!

    IGN: Gamma1227
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