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    IGN: Gamingkingz

    Nickname: Kingz or Dan, whatever you like more.

    Rank applying for: Anything but builder please.

    Maturity:I'm Mature. I can be sarcastic though. But I'm nice and honest.

    Experience: I have been an admin for another warrior cat server. And i was a co-owner to a factions server.

    Why you want to be staff: I want to be staff because i love warrior cats! It's my favorite book and story. <3 And i love minecraft.

    How many Warriors books have you read: I have read up to Dark River, soon to be done.

    Other: I am Canadian and a boy. I am sarcastic, nice, and honest. my favorite book is warriors, and i love video games, along with cats! I am also 14.
    Thanks for reading! If i could be any help to this server it would make my day. Thanks again!
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    posted a message on Forest Of Forever Darkness Warrior Cats Rp Server {NEED STAFF}

    Nickname: Kingz, or Dan. Whatever is better for you.

    Age: 14

    Experience: I have had Admin experience on another warrior cat rp server. I have also co-owned a fac server.

    Rank: It does not matter, but i would like to be the leader or deputy of Mountainclan. c: And i would be anything but builder.

    (cat and staff)

    IGN: Gamingkingz


    Cat name: Furysomething

    Cat appearance: A black and gray tom with Golden eyes.

    Anything about you: I'm Canadian and get b+'s in school. I'm a boy (As you can see below) I am 14 (As you can see above). Umm, nothing much else. I'm kinda sarcastic, and nice. But I'm also kinda short tempered. i:

    Gender: Male

    Thank for looking at my application! It would be awesome if i were staff of this server. Thanks again!

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