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    posted a message on _-= Tales of Arizelle =-_ [Serious Roleplay] [Recruiting!]
    Ign: Opal2
    Time zone eastern US
    Backround in writing: I love to write fantasy and medival pieces for school. And in my free time I love to create races and make complete back story's.
    Skype: I have oovoo and steam but would prefer not to voice chat till later and I would be happy to make a skype account later.
    Thanks, hope you give me a chance GamingRepublic,
    Please Pm on your decision it makes it easier.
    I would even be happy to build I can build but did not apply because I have no current builds showing my skill level.
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    posted a message on Realistic modded minecraft?!
    There are a couple realistic mods that could make it better like a shader mod and one for water. If you can go back a bit to an older version you could get the thirst and backpack mod. On hardcore it would be very realistic.( add seasons and a realistic texture pack too)
    (p.s. they used to make a mod called TFCraft I found it made minecraft almost real life but very very hard. If you get this mod you need no other mods because its so realistic.) http://terrafirmacraft.com/wiki/ this is the wiki.

    You don't know how long it took me too find that mod.
    Hope it helps GamingRepublic,
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    posted a message on Server Help
    check if they are in your hamachi network, if they are make sure you are using the ip4 adress if so then make sure your firewall is down and actually try taking the ip4 adress and putting it in the server.txt document where it says either server adress or server ip. if it is still not working then switch the online mode to its opposite.
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    posted a message on Raider'sCraft [Factions] [Economy] [Staff Needed]
    What would I like to apply for: Anything really just want to help out.
    IGN: Opal2
    Reasons: I like to build and help out new servers.
    I am good at being at an admin and have had a few servers myself like a couple vanilla, some bukkit, and some tekkit.
    Hope you find this ok and let me be part of your staff Im going to play on your server right now.
    Thanks for reading this GamingRepublic,
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    posted a message on new survival server
    I would like to apply for maybe second admin or head architect or if you dont need an architect than maybe a head builder.
    I love to build things and am pretty good with setting up the server or troubleshooting problems. hope you reply I hope i get the job thanks GamingRepublic,
    P.S names opal2 on minecraft.
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