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    also have no clue what genuine minecraft is, more of a server guy

    Genuine Minecraft means they actually bought it instead of using a cracked version. Basically if a server says they don't have genuine it means they haven't bought Minecraft.
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    Quote from hacker87»

    I would like to say that I disagree with your statement. Although I'm not sure about the other guy, my computer is running server grade hardware as far as I know. I would agree with you about the internet speed if not for my experience playing on the server. With 5Mbps I could host 10 people with no, or very minimal and non intrusive, block or chat lag; even after the downgrade I have no noticed a change, I haven't had 10 people to test with lately however so this is just speculation. I would like you to backup your opinion because I want to know where your coming from.

    Okay, obviously it's impossible to tell if it's server grade or not without you giving me your CPU as there's a a lot of Dual-Core 3.1GHz CPUs out there. I was just making an assumption it's not server grade as most people don't have server grade hardware in their computers.
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    Quote from hacker87»

    I have a server that I no longer use for Minecraft hosting. After talking to you and waiting to hear back from others I offered the same server I may be willing to give you access to the system for free. The catch would be a minimum usage; if you are not using the server for weeks at a time or more, then I may request that I give it to some one else. I could arrange FTP|SSH|SFTP|McMyAdmin access.

    Dual core 3.1Ghz OC

    7Gb RAM

    25Mbps down/ 2.5Mbps up

    Quote from XanXder»

    Yesterday I got my new pc so I don't have anything to do with my old pc anymore.

    I can host a 4 player server with 2GB of RAM with plugins/mods or just vanilla.

    If you have any questions just ask:)

    Just so you know these are being hosted on home PCs and not actual server hardware so it's going to lag a fair bit. Also the first post I quoted showed 2.5Mbps upload which is absolutely terrible for running a server.
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    Quote from HydraulixPvP»

    Hey guys, do not trust MCSponsor. I am VoltageMiner, who won their server giveaway, and after I got my server, he removed me from accessing the files and also removed me from Skype for no reason. I believe he is guy who is scamming, so please watch out.


    They offered me a sponsorship and when I accepted their offer they didn't respond to me at all. Also they're not affiliated with any company and are using servers by Minecrafted.net so some random person you don't know has full access to your server.

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    Still looking for offers!

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    Quote from ThugStory77»

    Intel site said My graphic card got no update no more " old"
    It's kinda not fair I mean It was working in windows 7 it should work in 10 as well
    anyway this is the "Dxdiag" I'll be greatful If you could help me :)

    There's your problem. That GPU hasn't had a driver upgrade since November 2013 and came out in 2008. I know this may make you upset but really there's no way you'd be able to get drivers to work. It actually seems that a lot of people on these forums have had the same issue.

    It isn't unfair because it doesn't make sense for Intel to to still support a discontinued GPU from 2008 as most people have upgraded their PCs since then.

    The only ways to fix it are downgrading to Windows 7, installing an actual graphics card (Only works if you have a desktop because the Intel G41 Chipset is an integrated chip in the CPU), or buying a new PC.

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    NOTE: If you have an Xbox Live account already and you've changed the name before, you will have to pay to change the name as you only get 1 free name change.

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    Quote from webrosc»

    The windows 10 version is a different game to the main java version, its a port of the PE version.

    Basically, if you want to join servers like you were able to Windows 7 you need to download the regular java version (The usual PC version). You said you were having video card issues. If you posted a DxDiag Log (There's a link in the user above me's signature or right here), then we could easily get that sorted out for you.

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    Quote from Ifakojesfd»

    it says my graphics driver is out of date

    What GPU do you have. You either have an unsupported GPU or you need to download the driver which I can give you a link to if you tell me the GPU.

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    Quote from MeoweckiMeow»

    (Gender is not changeable, just like in real life.)


    OT: What have you paid $300 on for a non-existent server? Wouldn't it make more sense to buy a server first and then buy anything else? Also your donor perks are EULA violating a bit overpriced in my opinion.

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    STILL LOOKING FOR SPONSORS. Sadly the people we were going to go with never responded so you guys can still lay offers down.

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    Saved this to Pocket for future reference when it's time to start up my server. Right now I'm working on configuring it.

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    Quote from teesee»

    What is with all of the deleted comments? What happened? Are moderators deleting inappropriate comments or are people flagging them just to troll...?

    It wouldn't be troll reports because no mod is going to delete a post that was reported as a troll

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    ModernMC Hosting Application

    Hey there! Welcome to our sponsorship application! In this thread, I'll show you why I feel our server idea deserves a sponsorship. Without further ado, I give you ModernMC!

    About Us:

    (This is taken from the "About" page on our server website.)

    ModernMC is a greylisted, freebuild creative server where players are encouraged to build modern towns and cities. We feature a world that is 10,000 by 10,000 blocks in size or 100 km2 (38 square miles). That’s almost the size of San Fransico or Walt Disney World!

    Anyone can join ModernMC as a guest and explore the cities and towns as well as take the SkyWay transit system, but cannot access chests or modify blocks. In order to build players must submit a membership application using our online form. Once approved members will be able to build anywhere as long as it follows our construction guidelines. Unlike many creative mode servers, we DO NOT use plots or any kind of plot protection plugin. Land is available first-come, first-serve, and we hope players can use common sense not to destroy other players work, but if griefing does occur we will gladly do a rollback.

    We hope to provide a friendly, mature community and a fair experience for all players, hopefully with community driven projects and events.


    Our server features many ranks. Ill go over a general idea of the ranks here and you can check out the Player Rankspage on our website for more information:

    Guest - Players who have just joined the server. They can explore the world but cannot build

    Member - Players who have applied to the server and were approved by admins to receive build rights

    Citizen - Established members of the server

    Trusted - Players who have gained the trust of staff and the community

    Councillor/Mayor - The builder rank. These are players who have begun building towns on the server

    Senator/Governor/Premier - The city ranks. These are the owners of various cities and towns

    YouTuber/YouTuber+ - These are the players on the server who run active YouTube channels

    Moderator - Players who are tasked with the job of enforcing the server's rules

    Admin - These are people who manage the server backend and deal with the extremely toxic players. They also approve member applications.

    Owner - That's me! I have the final say on any big changes regarding the server and is the main authority on the server.

    Why Us?

    You may be wondering why you should sponsor us. Well as the host of our server, you get some special perks. They are:

    • An automated message every 15 minutes advertising your host (Would be something like "We are sponsored by ____________. Check them out at _________________!")
    • Any body asking for hosts will be directed yo you
    • I know this doesn't matter too much but you will get a special host tag. (Probably something like [HOST])
    • Finally, 50% of all donations are yours. Doesn't matter if it was $1 or $100


    We do have some requirements. They are:

    • At least 1-2GB of RAM and at least 20-30 slots with the ability to upgrade
    • We'd like the server to be hosted somewhere in North America
    • We'd like to have a reputable host
    • Well this isn't a requirement, a TS3 server (Teamspeak3) would be nice with preferably the same amount of slots as the server

    That's it for now! If you have any questions about our server, be sure to ask! You can caontact me with proposals or questions on Skype ([email protected] OR DivergentDash), email ([email protected]), PM me here, or reply to this thread.

    Have a great day,

    ~GamingPlant, ModernMC Owner and Administrative Team

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    It's also possible to make your profile invisible to the search. I'm not sure how but I remember hearing before that it's possible.

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