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    Quote from WitherHost


    We can offer you a dedicated server with E3-1245v2 CPU as well as dual 120Gb SSDs and 32Gb of RAM for only $150 a month. Come by our livechat for an IP to test. www.witherhost.net

    Looks like its less on your site (125, $112.5 with a coupon). Live support is offline but shoot me an IP or test server I can connect to when you can.

    Edit: Nevermind. Looks like you are reselling OVH datacenter servers. Nothing wrong with that, but I already have servers at OVH for my ad servers. My ping to it is too slow for me to connect to with SE Asia and Australian players in mind. But for others looking for a managed host, OVH servers are a great deal and wither looks like its doing good managing them. OVH is unmanaged completely so their support is rather useless when something non-hardware related goes wrong.
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    posted a message on Out Of Memory PermGen Fix
    You'll typically get the Out of Memory PermGen error if you use a lot of plugins like me. Through some investigation, I found the solution. I see a lot of posts about this, but haven't seen an answer yet, so here you go.

    I use MagicLauncher, but some of you might be using bats or the java config tools available to you. To fix this error, simply add this to the Parameters in the advanced setup tab of Magic Launcher:


    The default is 64m, so doubling this amount should be enough. Setting -XMX higher or giving more memory in MagicLauncher isn't enough to fix this OOM error, so you'll need this line set even if you assigned 16GB of memory to Java.

    Read here for more details: http://rimuhosting.com/knowledgebase/linux/java/-Xmx-settings
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    Just a simple idea if someone wants to take it on.

    Most rivers I see aren't a simple 30 feet wide. While some rivers certainly do get that thin in spots, many rivers can be as wide as a mile or more at they're widest. While I don't want to see a river biome that is 1000 blocks wide, something like 25 - 100 blocks wide might be pretty cool. Some more variation, basically, is what I'm suggesting. Sure it could stay 10 blocks wide in some areas, but could gradually get to or come from 100 blocks wide in some areas. This could be pretty cool for creating river docks, ports, bridges, etc, without having to edit the world on your own.

    Compatibility with ExtrabiomesXL, Mystcraft, etc would be kickin'.
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    +1 just for this

    Yes, you may download and play my mod.

    Yes, you may create texture packs for my mod.

    Yes, you may distribute the mod in modpacks, or with a map, or for a server. Don't bother asking, just go ahead as long as you put my name up somewhere visible to the downloaders, and preferably a link to this thread.

    Yes, you may edit the source code to create your own chunk-loader blocks, update the mod to a new Minecraft version, or anything else, really. Again, just make sure to mention me.

    If the modding community is going to survive, we need more mod authors with these kind of ideals.

    and +1 for the mod.
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