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    I don't see any Elite with beam rifle, just these

    B:"Naturally Spawn Elite Carbine"=true
    B:"Naturally Spawn Elite Plasma Rifle"=true
    B:"Naturally Spawn Elite Sword"=true
    B:"Naturally Spawn Grunt Plasma Pistol"=true

    Nevermind this now. I have the ability to create crafting recipes for anything I want in the game. I do however have a few more questions. Sorry if I am being annoying.

    1st I went through trying all the weapons and reloading to see which rounds went to which guns so I could tell my users who read the quest book. However there are 3 Weapons I can't find ammo for. (Brute Shot, Flamethrower and Spiker. I can reload while in creative but not in survival. I tried blaze powder blaze rods and other items for the Flamethrower. So not too sure if there is a way to reload them outside of creative.

    2nd. I was wondering because I am creating a crafting recipe for the warthogs, banshees and ghost. But I know when you break the vehicle you don't get it back it just blows up. I tried the wrench but that didn't work unless I was doing it incorrectly. My question is my mod to create recipes also allows me to customize mob drops and block drops. Are the vehicles considered entities or blocks? My plan was to allow the vehicle to drop when broken or destroyed.

    Please let me know. I promise after this i'll stop lol I just wanna make sure i'm not missing anything.

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    This mod looks amazing. This is what I have wanted for a very long time. I can't code or things like that but if you need any more assistance I would be willing to help in whatever way I can. Great job OP! Can not wait for this to release

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