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    Hello! I Was looking for a few players to join me. I was thinking about starting a server however id like to have a group of people first. If your interested please message me or email me at: [email protected]

    How it will work:

    We split into 2 teams, and the teams spread out and build bases and have an HQ on certain days there will be times when we can have wars. Other than that the teams will be building or wandering around. PVP will be allowed on sight however the team mates must stay together. More will be decided later on.

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    Hello, I am putting together a build team. I need one for my server, working on a few villages and a main city. I will need a lot of time and dedication!




    Build Lvl: (1-10)

    Playable time:

    What your best at: (Bridges, houses, castles, etc...

    Thank you, I hope to get some helpers! Please include some photos of your work!
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    Hello, I am recruiting a build team, I need at least 1-5 players. They must be very good, and into Nordic\Medieval style of building. I'm working on a server project for a map, having a few kingdoms, and villages.




    Building Lvl:


    What your best at: Bridges, Castles, Houses, etc..

    Thanks for reading, and hopefully you decide to join.
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