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    posted a message on My First Time In The Nether.
    Luckily I Was Spawned In A Cave, With Zombie Pigmen, First Of All I Wanted To Kill Them, But Then I Noticed They Weren't Chasing Me.

    It's Annoying How They Won't Let Me SC Them :I

    So I Mined My Way Out, Following Some Screech Somewhat Of A Baby ?

    Then I Saw Lightstone, Yeah Right On The Tip On Some Pillar.

    So I Want For It And A White Thing Blew A Fire Ball At Me, And That Was The End Of My Trip :C

    This Is What I Would Say To The Nether :

    It's Creppy As Hell

    Don't Go There

    The White Things Are Gonna Kick Yo ****.
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