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    C-4 is the precision equivalent to TNT. It doesn't carry the same level of explosive force, but it compensates by having a number of unique properties.

    1. C-4 does not fall when detonated. C-4 will stick to whatever surface it is attached to, and is not affected by gravity.

    2. C-4 will destroy blocks that are under water. When C-4 explodes under water, it will destroy nearby blocks that can be destroyed by it. Water blocks are not affected.

    3. C-4 can be delayed. Attaching a redstone repeater can be used to delay the explosion, allowing for tactical demolitions.

    4. C-4 can be attached to minecarts. This turns C-4 into a powerful weapons delivery system that can allow large-scale demolitions work to be done safely. Dynamite will detonate on a minecart only if a timer attached to it goes off, or if the mincart comes to a sudden stop with much velocity.

    5. C-4 has a smaller, more controlled explosion. The radius of a C-4 explosion is half that of TNT.

    C-4 is crafted this way:

    :Flint: :Spider: :Flint:
    :Flint: :GP: :Flint:
    :Flint: :Flint: :Flint:

    Flint is clay and spider is string.

    Once you have made this, you will have 1 stick of C-4. You then need to make another two and place them like this;
    :|: :|: :|:
    Where each stick is a stick of C-4.
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    Legendary finds is an idea of superstructures occurring naturally with generation and being limited to a single copy of it in the entire map.
    Basically, this means that say, the tree of life will only occur once per map.

    These legendary finds are special structures that are extremely rare and difficult to find.
    They have no purpose other than to be part of the landscape, They are NOT dungeons and do NOT feature rare items. They merely exist as a part of the landscape. (However they have some effects on you while you are in their vicinity)

    Please suggest more ideas if you have any.

    A giant tree reaching up into the clouds, with many overarching branches.
    Spawn requirements:
    a ) The dirt level is closer to bedrock (to give more room for the high tree)
    b ) A large forest biome.
    c ) Nothing exists above where the tree will spawn.
    Effects: While in the shade of the tree of life's canopy, your health will regenerate regardless of hunger meter (unless your hunger meter is zero).
    Leaf blocks drop a random sapling type.
    If more than 50% of tree is destroyed leaves will get the 'dead leaves' texture and ALL leaves will start disappearing, trees in the nearby vicinity will also die, and any nearby flowers will turn into mushrooms.

    A wooden floor base with broken and mossy brick walls (which are falling apart), a small bookcase and a chest containing a random gold item (armour, tool etc). A sign above the doorway will read 'Herobrine's place'.
    Spawn requirements:
    a ) Biome must be a swamp.
    b ) Player must have generated "X" amount of chunks.
    c ) It is raining and the player sleeps during rain (see notes)
    FOV is increased the closer the player gets to the chest - and if head bobbing is enabled, it gets more erratic as they get closer.
    Herorbine's Abode will spawn in ANY swamp - even previously generated ones - once the player has generated "X" chunks and the player sleeps while it is raining. Once this has happened, Herobrine's Abode will have spawned somewhere on the map.
    Taking an item from the chest grants the "Golden Goose" achievement. (reference to Jack stealing from the giant)

    A church with a painting of notch in it. It has benches and a confession booth.
    Spawn requirements:
    a ) Any biome other than a desert or swamp.
    b ) not within 200 chunks of a town.
    c ) player has mined at least 3 diamonds.
    The church cannot catch fire and mobs cannot enter it. If the church is damaged in any way, unless it is put back together exactly, it can catch fire and mobs can enter.
    Will contain a single villager AKA a testificate wearing a skin similar to Notch's.

    An intricate fountain reaching over 20 blocks high.
    Spawn requirements:
    a ) Must be a desert biome.
    b ) Must be close to the centre of the biome.
    c ) A spider jockey has been killed at least once.
    Sources of light other than lava cannot be placed in a large radius around the fountain.
    The only mobs that spawn around the fountain will be spider jockeys.

    A ritualistic ring - made entirely out of gold and diamond blocks
    Spawn requirements:
    a ) Snow biome
    b ) at least "X" chunks away from original spawn point
    c ) player has no gold or diamond on them, either in it's raw form, or as an item.
    Player cannot enter a 50 x 50 x 50 block radius around the rune.
    As rune is spawned, it destroys all blocks around it in a 50 x 50 x 50 block radius.
    If any block is removed/destroyed/broken from the temptation rune, the entire structure turns into gravel.

    A simple lighthouse made out of white and blue cloth in a spiral fashion, with a special furnace for a beacon.
    Spawn requirements:
    a ) Player has previously collected lightstone.
    b ) Player has built and used a boat.
    c ) Player has gone three whole days without dying
    d ) Must spawn next to a large body of water (at least 2000 blocks of water)
    e ) biome must not be mountains
    Mobs will not spawn in a 10 x 10 x 10 chunk radius.
    Any mobs who burn in sunlight that come within a 1 chunk radius of the lighthouse while it is powered will be set on fire.
    A special furnace will be in the centre of the lighthouse. It burns whatever is in it and cannot smelt anything. If destroyed, it will drop a standard furnace. If a standard furnace is placed back there, it will transform to the previous type of furnace.
    A villager/testificate with a Jeb skin will walk around the top of the lighthouse. He will fuel the lighthouse's furnace.
    When killed, no matter how much fuel is in it, the furnace will burn out, and a thunderstorm will occur in a 50 x 50 x 50 radius of the lighthouse till Jeb respawns (3 days)

    A massive underground cavern. The floor of the cavern is grass/dirt, and trees are everywhere, and small pools of water reside throughout.
    Spawn requirements:
    a ) Must be at least 56 blocks deep.
    b ) In desert biome.
    c ) Carrying at least three plant objects (saplings, grass, vines, pumpkins, melons etc)
    Plants grow twice as fast in this area.
    Non-meat foods provide an additional 1 food bar (mushroom stew, cookies, bread etc)
    Above the cavern in the desert, it will rain regardless of the fact that the biome is a desert, helping you locate it.

    Please, if you have any suggestions, post them.
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    Considering Mojang has enough money to build an evil lair on a volcanic island, simply from the profits made by ONE MAN I don't really think they need your tips. No if you'll excuse me, I have to prepare the church of Notch for when Mojang inevitably buys the world from microsoft.
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    I'm torn on this. The realism is nice, but the increased height is a problem. Instead of increasing the current chunk size, why not place an extra chunk above the other ones.
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    This isnt Notch's fault, the site says not to give your password away. Confront your friend, tell him your uncomfortable with him using your account. If that doesnt work, you *can* call the police.
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