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    Congrats, on another great map. I'm not the biggest fan of Open World maps but because your last map was so good, I gave it a try. And I'm not disappointed. It was laid out pretty much perfectly. I only skipped one dungeon, I think 2 led into 4, but I can't remember. Again the eating to regen is amazing and I wish all maps did that. The only area I hated was spider town, not because it was too hard, I found it pretty balanced. Spiders are just boring and that area needs a web breaker and a custom mob or two. On the note of custom mobs there needs to be more, a lot more. It might be harder, but it would be a lot more exciting. Also Also on the note of mobs thank you for not using Vexs they're extremely irritating when they hit you through walls and under the floor. The final two areas in the map are fantastic,well-designed and amazing looking. They might be one of my favorite areas in any CTM map. Before I forget, the lapis block was probably the hard block to get for me, because I didn't notice it where it was. So I thought I missed an area and went around the entire map only to find it two hours later. Maybe a friendly reminder in that room? Overall a great, well-designed and balanced map. I only died 6 times 3 of which were from creepers while blocking, thanks Mojang. I will be looking forward to your next map.

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