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Well, looks like I'm retiring from being a mod ;( It was fun for the while I've been here, but school and other things have gotten in the way. I'll still be on a little though. Special thanks to: 500ISE, Anbu, Chad, Chimeratech, ZCodeMT, and pretty much everyone else in my friends list. Thanks to anyone who has ever helped me out. I have really learned a lot from here (I wouldn't have gotten into coding) and have had a lot of fun on here. Remember, I am not leaving. 0.8.0 is coming out soon ;)

Thanks again :3

I'm a Retired Sectional Moderator for Other Platforms(PE, XBOX, Pi). Please feel free to ask me for help via personal message.

Coming Soon...

(Contact me if you are in need of a GIF for your avatar or signature. If I have nothing to do I might help you out)

Hey, Listen!

What I do on Minecraft:

I currently play a LOT of Minecraft PE and some Minecraft(PC) on the side. My biggest project right now is beta testing the Multiplayer For Minecraft PE app. I'm also working on a couple of high powered servers(Hunger Games, SkyBlock Wars, and more).

What I do in life:

I mostly stay home all day either working on school work or on the computer/iPad. I am learning Python right now at Like a lot of people on here I hope to become a Website Designer/Computer Engineer/Or something of that sort. When I'm not at home I help with an inner-city ministry call WOW Kids. I hope to get the S4 soon and I like to make music.



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List of Mods/Plugins:

None Yet


Currently working Python and PHP.


QuakeCraft PE:

ArrowDetonation (Spleef):

Tower Topple Server(Coming Soon):

Project Jelly:

%75 done.

I still have to port the world back to PE, re-do the signs, do the Easter Eggs, make the final dungeon.

My current list of devices/consoles:

1. iPad 2(16GB)
2. Nintendo 3DS
3. PS Vita
4. Wii
5. GameCube
7. PS2
8. PS1
9. N64
10. GameBoy SP

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