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    Quote from Thermawrench»

    The wait is unbearable.



    i think you need one third of umbilical cord

    "Provost Willem sought the Cord in order to elevate his being and thoughts to those of a Great One, by lining his brain with eyes. The only choice, he knew, if man were to ever match Their greatness."

    "Use to gain Insight and, so they say, eyes on the inside, although no one remembers what that truly entails."

    they can be found here courtsey of the wiki

    • 1. After killing Mergo's Wet Nurse.
    • 2. Can be found in the Abandoned Old Workshop.
    • 3. Killing the baby Arianna gives birth to in Tomb of Oedon sewers or killing her at Iosefka Clinic if you brought her there (after killing Micolash, Host of the Nightmare). (Missable)
    • 4. Dropped by Iosefka in her clinic in 1st Floor Sick Room through the entrance from the Forbidden Woods once Rom, the Vacuous Spider has been defeated, as long as you didn't kill her prior to the boss fight. (Missable)
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    Quote from Azanor»

    There are a few possible workarounds for this problem however, but while looking for those I had a completely different thought: What if a gauntlet was not used to store and manipulate vis, but JUST manipulate it? In other words they vis cost comes directly from the aura and is never stored in the gauntlet at all. If I remember correctly this is how wands worked in TC3.

    This does create some interesting possibilities and I do like the idea of the gauntlet actually being required to shape and manipulate vis into the form you need. It also fits with how arcane crafting works now. Hehe, even lore wise it could make sense. Storing vis in wands is the old-school way of doing things. Much better to shape it directly and look cool while doing it.

    I very much like the idea of gauntlets draw directly from the aura, though as a sort of thematic suggestion how about staves be simple and gaunlets complex in function,

    Example; a staff(ignis) could shoot a gout of fire that burns everything but a gauntlet(ignis) could be used to create burning strings the only seek enemys.


    a staff(aqua) could create a crude whip of water to slam down on things but gauntlets(aqua) could manipulate the water and create temporary structures like bridges or stairs or maybe "key" to a special lock, or the gauntlets(aqua and ignis) could superheat the water inside things causing them to explode into steam and maybe the steam could make those standing inside it invisible.

    or the water gauntlets could weave water and shape it into a sort of reflective shield...

    but in all seriousness i like the idea of gauntlets being able to do more complex things while sacrificing raw power,

    also just think about this... -----Zeus style lightning bolt throwing-----
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    Quote from Azanor»

    So I've been struggling with a bit of a decision and I thought I might post it here to get a second opinion. Not sure I want to do it as a poll though.

    The research table with it's minigame will still be around in TC6, however it will basically be a crafting mechanic to make "Theories". Theories is one of the new currencies you require to unlock research. For example, unlocking Infusion crafting might cost 5x "Observations: Magic" and 3x "Theories: Magic". Observations you get by scanning stuff (for the most part).

    The problem I have is as follows. Where to get the pool of aspects required to finish the old aspect puzzle. In earlier incarnations of TC it was gained by scanning and in TC5 you just had a pool when you crafted the research note.

    Now I'm thinking of making require breaking down items. In other words you need to sacrifice something with AER to be able to get AER points to complete the puzzle. Combinations are no longer possible. One of the reasons I'm considering this system is that in the great scheme of things you will be spending a lot less time at the table thus I want to give things there a greater cost.

    The alternative is the TC5 way - in other words you start with a pool of primals and you need to combine them to finish the puzzle.

    I think I've cooked up a simple way to do research. you do "experiments" or breakdown items to find knowledge and from them you get an "understanding" of the aspect you were researching and a "understanding" is what a aspect is now in research but its permanent. there would be a sort of star around a center research the outer ones are the primals and you would do experiments to "deepen your understanding" of each primal each experiment would increase your pool by 1 for the given aspect, the logic behind this is that your gaining knowledge of the world with experiments(this knowledge being represented by the "understanding pool") which you can then apply to the invention of technologys(this application being what we now call research).

    for example
    1 - you want to research nitor but with your basic "understanding" of ignis and aer you couldn't research it because your "understanding" pool is to small(1 of each primal aspect being the base)

    2 - to do so you would have to do some sort of experiment to "deepen" the "understanding"(increase the aspect pool) so in the thaumanomicon you would go to aspect star and you would click the aspect you want to research (in this case ignis) and you would be presented with a number of experiments to test this aspect.

    3 - the first experiment you do is throwing stuff into lava but when you do so you gain a point of perdito but not ignis because though throwing something into fire destroys something it tells you little of fire itself

    4 - the second experiment you try thats listed as an ingis experiment is mixing water and lava this provide more interesting results the water turns to steam, the lava to obsidian and so you gain knowledge of ignis, terra, aer and aqua,

    5 - now with this greater understanding of how these interact your able to figure out a way to apply them to glowstone
    to make nitor

    there would also be a multi player aspect if you say spend most of your time researching aqua and your friend researched perdito they could put there "understandings" in place then pass the notes on to you and you complete the research with your level 7 understanding of aqua

    i think a system like this could be used if you also wanted to remove compound aspects. though i was thinking there would be special experiments to discover compound aspects but once there discovered they are made from the primals.

    also i like the idea of being able to choose which experiment you want to do based on what materials you have i mean id rather blow up stone than break a diamond pick for my first point of perdito.

    just some things to think about
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    Quote from Shirololl»

    immediately unlocking stuff from a mod in a new world without doing anything for it is simply cheating.

    Notice also how Minecraft achievements are no longer independent either. To me this is a clear sign, that Mojang themselves share the concept of worlds being completely separate realities.

    again this is just an opinion not a fact. achievements and statistics being per world have nothing to do with ingame concepts of reality, its simply making the game more modularized from a players perspective, i mean its not like "Steve" is in anyway affected by the achievements, there just there keep track of occurrences associated with that file.

    when evaluating a student(the world) its more helpful to know the extent of the students knowledge(world stats/achievements) than the classes knowledge as a whole(cumulative stats/ achievements). likening achievements being related to in-game "lore/setting" as has been done disregards the fourth wall, like if the reason halo 5 was xbox one exclusive was because the characters don't like the ps4 controler. its a little silly.

    though as Sweet_Brew mentioned the only lore being affected is Thaumcraft's, and even Thaumcraft's is somewhat undetermined.

    it is nice to be able to have a civil chat on the internet about things as ridiculous as this. i quite enjoy it XD
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    Quote from Shirololl

    That's where you're mixing up Terraria and Minecraft.

    The thing that two characters of the same player in different worlds have in common are name and skin, which are directly dictated by the account.

    In Terraria a character exists separate from the world and can carry stuff over to other worlds, stats, items, anything.

    However, this is Minecraft and you do not start over in every new world because you cannot squeeze items through your interdimenional gap, but because the character in one world only RESEMBLES the character in the other world. They do not share any stats, equipment or even knowledge.

    And I think that is how we are to think of our Minecraft characters, they only exist in their world and are complete slaves to their players.
    The player obviously keeps knowledge and you will be at least three times as fast as you were on your first try with researching.

    This is just Minecraft to me.

    If someone, however, made a mod that allowed many custom dimensions for one world to be used as other worlds, or a mod that synchronizes characters in different worlds, then that would change it to character and world being separate, then a character carrying equipment, stats and knowledge would make complete sense.

    You argument here is that we are not talking about items, but about knowledge. There is a difference in the real world, but let's be real, this is Minecraft and if actual knowledge was supposed to be the source of your power, the the Thaumonomicon would not be your most important tool for advancing in Thaumcraft, but just a giant cryptic manual, akin to the "Materials and You".

    this is a matter of opinion. that's why i'm saying there should be alternatives, your favorite color might be blue but does that mean there shouldn't be an option for red?

    someone else's head-canon might be different than yours. for example to me a "new world" is a far off land to which one travels for a fresh start leaving most if not all material possessions behind

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    Quote from Shirololl»

    but to add such a behaviour directly to Thaumcraft will make it seem obnoxious to the average user, lead to folder pollution and people would barely be able to appreciate such a feature, when it just goes against what we are used to from Minecraft.

    i wasn't suggesting it as the default, but simply an alternative for the configs. i apologize for the lack of clarity

    Quote from Shirololl»

    Straight up giving yourself endgame content from some mod without doing anything for it is cheating.

    also i dont understand how giving oneself access to previously unlocked content is cheating seeing as its a matter of knowledge, it seems silly to me if not frustrating that such knowledge is bound to the world of the character rather than the character which was created by the player, that is to say in this case "Steve". though i do understand that some people like the research others would rather not have to do it a multitude of times.

    edit: I'm not trying to imply that your wrong, I'm just stating my opinion along with my lack of understanding

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    to cover the complaint of having to research do per world maybe there could be an easy mode in which research tabs where unlocked instead of individual research, though it would cut out most of the research it might alleviate the complaints while at the same time still providing a sense of progression.

    alternatively you could try making research persist per world similar to how psi does with spells.

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    Quote from TheLordEternal»

    Just be sure you include a stretchy upper limit, so that you don't have one single concentration that can suction flux from all of the world.

    what if that were the point? i think it wold be an interesting idea for there to be a machine or ritual or something that purposly dragged all the taint in the world to one point then build a wall around it and call it good. you just designate an area as the taint dump and set up defences to keep any thing from escaping and maybe there could be a system where for example if the area/taint ratio was more taint / less area = stronger monsters
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    Suggestions/ideas (beside the silly if not desperate pleading for mirror shields). and please keep in mind that i write, revise, and edit as i go so i apologize for any poorly communicated concepts or bad presentation structure.

    aura nodes could be the eyes of eldritch beings that aren't necessarily malevolent.

    aura nodes could be a rare find that "stabilizes" an area allowing it to have a higher concentration of vis without negative effects or/and recharge at a far faster rate this in turn could allow for far more effective machines like maybe a better infernal furnace that is only possible because of its proximity to the node then from there a super-efficient furnace structure with a ingnis node blazing at its heart, a magical font of power never seen before(something as powerful as i'm thinking would need to be somewhat rare) feeding the ever-burning inferno that brings an almost otherworldly purity to ores.

    -think in some storys when you hear about ancient civilizations that had a "mysterious power source" this could be that power source

    -aqua node = Atlantis ;>

    there could be blocks that react differently to different nodes like aer nodes make these block glow yellow and you run faster and jump higher on them and nullify fall damage the beauty is that there really just a super cheap alternative to paving stone of travelling but only because of the aer node that's empowering it.

    also i'm thinking that from a mechanical stand point with this system of self-sufficient aura and boosting nodes that nodes themselves could be changed to use a tiered system with higher tiers having a larger area of influence and more effects for example a tier1 ignis node would be unnoticeable(like they were back in TC2 or TC3 i cant seem to remember at the moment) to the unenlightened plebeian but still a nice boon to a blooming thaumaturge. however a tier7 ignis node could cause fires to ignite around it and dry out the surrounding area among other effects.

    the tiers might have a fall-off effect like for example a tier1 node reach i don't know maybe 10 blocks then a tier2 would have tier2 effects for 10 blocks then tier1 effects for however many blocks.

    -theoretically this would help with the nodes cause lag considering the they would be so rare and as such so few, maybe 3 or 4 on a small server. keeping in mind that with this system they wouldn't be a necessity but rather a significant boon when properly harnessed

    I've also thought for a while that an "affinity" system would be cool what i mean is the idea of infusing oneself with a primal aspect to gain a benefit from it or similar things. example; a water infused thaumaturge would heal a bit faster in the rain and/or if there in area with aqua being the most "dominant" aspect but in a desert or with ignis being "dominant" they would suffer from dehydration(slowness).

    aer aficionados however could have a more passive effect like taking less damage but suffering more knockback as they are lighter(theres potential for storms to have hilarious "wind" effects).

    that's all i though of so far, and keep in mind these suggestion are just a framework to be fiddled with and refined to your wonderous standards

    p.s please tell me if you like where this is going and if you want more ideas/theoretical "solutions"

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    Quote from Robijnvogel»

    im not saying he should make his own game. im just saying the overall quality of the mod is rather exceptional. and if the same care was just into a single unique entity then it could easily surpass minecraft given enough time.
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    Quote from Azanor»

    As I've mentioned in the past I've been thinking of ways to change research into less of a chore, without removing the achievement factor. That is a lot harder than it seems. I've mentioned that I am considering changing it into working sort of like the Hardcore Questing mod that many packs use, but that is not ideal for the TC 'feel'.

    I have come up with a possible (if a bit abstract) solution and would like opinions and suggestions.
    First change:

    No more guesswork as to what you are getting when you select a research. When you click on something in the thaumonomicon that you do not know yet you actually go to a page giving a description of what you want to get - for example nitor might say something about you trying to find a cheap, efficient energy/light source. The rest of the page will give the requirements for you to go about discovering something like that. (see change 3)

    Second change:

    All research is hidden - you have no idea what will open up if you go down a particular path, but there will be very little flailing around in the dark for the research you need - you may not know that nitor will eventually lead to essential smelting, but you will know exactly what you should do to unlock it. I will still keep the progress % that is show so you know your overall progress.

    I'm still 50/50 on this change.

    Third change:

    Completing research will require various resources and observations. For example nitor might require you to have Observations on Light (basically you needed to have scanned a light source).

    Resources required will vary from research to research and there will be several types. They are consumed to learn a research:

    • Field notes. These are gained as you scan things and will fall into a few broad categories (nature, constructs, monsters, etc.) So scanning a zombie for the first time might give you a Field Notes: The Undead. Unlike observations, field notes are small tidbits of knowledge on the subject so there is always more to learn about something.
    • Theorems (name still WIP). These are 'crafted' in the research table via a tweaked version of the existing mini-game. They represent abstract thaumaturgical knowledge and paths of reasoning that will help you discover something. They are not linked to a particular research - its just abstract knowledge basically. They do however come in different grades based on the standard mc rarity system (common, uncommon, rare, epic). The higher the rarity, the harder they are to craft. How efficiently the theorem is solved will also impact its quality. A particular research may require a 'common' theorem to learn, but you can choose to use a higher grade research than required for additional benefits - reduction in crafting costs is the obvious choice.
    • Higher tier research might require Lost knowledge. Pretty much the same as it was in TC 2 - ancient tablets, scroll fragments, etc. These cannot be crafted or gained through scanning - these will always be looted from mobs or dungeons and such. You will also have varying types - probably organized by research category (thaumaturgy, alchemy, golemancy, etc.)
    • Epiphanies. The rarest of the resources. You will only ever get a handful of them under very specific circumstances or milestones. Yes, it will basically be a gating mechanic of sorts. Alternatively you might actually get fewer epiphanies than there are researches that require them. I am not 100% a fan of this, but under certain circumstances it could be an interesting way to force a player to go down one chosen path if it makes sense - maybe there are two branches of research that are mutually exclusive for obvious reasons.

    These resources may, or may not be tangible items that you can actually give to other people, or just a counter that is kept on your character. Or both (via config setting).


    Azanor... sometimes i wonder why you mod minecraft and arent making your own game...

    on the subject of reasearch i think these are all great ideas exept maybe the epiphanys the way they are proposed. my suggestions are:
    more ways to "skin a cat" for example reasearch paths could lead to diffrent prosses with the same result like the traditinal thaumium recipe
    could be found going one way or a more or less efficient way to infuse a iron block with ordo and ignis to create a thaumium block.
    or maybe the old nitor recipe and the other path found through reasearch of fire and light(praise the sun) would be blaze powder and lux for nitor,
    the beauty of it is not knowing if theres a better way to do things.

    2: maybe there could be a way to re-research things like say nitor which could lead to more efficient or alternate recipes. and epiphanys could be things that are not nessisary but are helpful. like maybe its a random chance to get a super efficient recipe(which could then be distributted on servers) or it could be a "inspired state that make you feal as though the next thing you reasearch would be easy"(next research is free sort thing).
    though id prefer the first epiphany variant just cause i think it would be cool on servers for "those crazy mountain dudes" to have the closely gaured secret of three nitor from one glowstone and a bit of potetia, or getting more gold from trasmutation than should be possible, or a super essentia furnace with 100% efficency.
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    Quote from IStoneI»

    you could go with easy mode research. allows you to buy every research with xp instead of doing the minigame.

    if you get some sort of xp farm going, its just a matter of unlocking everything directly.

    even with easy mode the problem is that it still costs to reaquire something, which i think is silly plus you just "buy" the eldritch epifiny. i know im just whining but still.
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    I admit a mod like thaumcraft minus thaumcraft seems very legitament to someone like me who tends to make new worlds regularly for varies reasons and has done EVERY single research at least 10 times and around 50 times for the basic stuff.

    also if where suggeting research mechanics then how about...

    Suggestion: maybe research could get easier the more you do. the idea is that you could say pick up your brandnew thauminomicom and get the research for say thaumium fortress armor without any other research but it could be to difficult to complete because you lack the prerequisit knowledge. for example you would start with three of every primal then every research grants you more starting aspects.

    and before ya start whingin remember in MY opinion "logic > balance = fun"

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    wow... and here i'd settle for taping mini arcane levitators to my boots of the traveler for that extra jump boost. XD

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    the color mechanic is very nice for replicating certain novalty builds using the old golem mechanic. all in all a wonderful edition

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