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    This method doesnt require you to carry water or fire resistant equipment at all. And if you could save your loads of diamonds rather than moving on id say its worth a try.
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    Im not sure if this has been posted yet, but I haven't seen any other posts on it. Anyway, have you ever fallen into lava and lost all your stuff? Do you wish that after you fell into the lava there was a way to save your loot without using a mod,hack or cheat? Well I have the solution for you! (skip to technique you prob dont want to read my boring story). Just recently i was on a huge mining spree, I had collected unbelievable amounts of iron, coal and gold and as i was on my way to exit the cave, i spotted a nice litte patch of iron just waiting to be harvested. Being the noob that i was i stood directly ontop of the iron and mined straight down, from which i then fell into a pit of lava. Shocked i immediatly hit esc and save game as my hearts were at 4 and i was drowning in lava while on fire. I did not want to loose my stuff. i searched the forums for mods that would make me invincible so i wouldn't loose all of my loot that i had worked hours to earn. However, I found none. All hope seemed lost and i decided to just let myself die in the lava and i reloaded. But then i noticed, for the first few seconds of the load i was on fire and in the lava but not taking damage. I hit esc and saved again, because i had an idea.

    The technique: step by step

    1. As soon as you fall into lava hit esc and save the game. This is important for your survival.
    2. reload and hit esc again pausing it while your in the lava. SWITCH TO PEACEFUL MODE.
    3. Continue to save and reload the game while slowly moving towards an edge or digging a safe zone.

    You only have about 2-3 seconds of invincibility right after you load, and if your on peaceful, your hearts can actually regenerate during that invincibility time, allowing you enough time to dig yourself out of the lava. If you save/reload every 3 seconds you can actually live in the lava forever because the lava damage wont come into effect until after that 3 seconds. (NOTE) you will still be on fire when you exit the lava of course, but if you have peaceful on that wont be a problem.

    Hope this helps save someones life, and loot.
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