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    posted a message on BORED on minecraft ... What to do
    You could try turning off the computer and reading a book.
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    posted a message on Is it bad to enjoy 'video game' music?
    I used to be exactly like you, right down to enjoying "Live and Learn" and shunning other music. Video game music is host to both god-awful **** and beautiful, atmospheric songs. However, if you close yourself off from non-video game music, you're closed off to a whole, beautiful world of music in which artists experience true creative freedom, rather than attempting to cater to the aesthetic of a video game.

    You turn to video game music because it's a little window into a wider world of music that exists beyond what is popular amongst your friends. The key to developing a rounded taste in music is to climb out of this window and explore the world outside. Go onto Wikipedia and find out who produced your favourite video game soundtracks. See if they've been involved in producing music outside of video games and who they consider to be their musical influences. Find out which genre your favourite songs belong to, and explore other songs and artists belonging to that genre.

    No, there's nothing wrong with listening to video game music, but you're restricting yourself if that's all you listen to. Video game music and film soundtracks are best kept as a small part of an expansive music collection. The reason why your friends might judge you for listening exclusively to video game music is probably partially due to immaturity, but also because they assume that you're only listening to the video game music because you like the video game it belongs to, and they might think you honestly know nothing about music. Expand your tastes - prove them wrong!
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    posted a message on Looking for Video Partner/s
    I sent you my application over Skype. Hope that's cool.

    Here's my very short story, though:
    "The results are back! The baby doesn't belong to either of you."
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    posted a message on Where would I make a thread about someone else's video series?
    I stumbled upon a really interesting Youtube video series made by a French Minecrafter, Philosocreeper, who just uploaded about Political Philosophy explained in the context of Minecraft. He hasn't made a topic here on the forums but I would like to share it with the community because I found it interesting and want to see it receive more attention.

    There seems to be a forum for plugging your own videos, but not videos made by other people. Where would I make this topic?
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    posted a message on What to have as a floor?
    Diamond blocks.
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    posted a message on Friday January 13th 2012... AD?
    Scheduled Maintenance
    The database will be updated Friday January 13th 2012 AD about 08:00 - 12:00 (UTC). Login will be affected.

    Wait, what?

    The database will be updated Friday January 13th 2012 AD

    Friday January 13th 2012 AD


    Okay, perhaps I'm missing something here, but why was there a need to specify this?

    Not complaining, just think it's funny.

    (Sorry if someone already pointed this out.)
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    posted a message on [Livestream] How to make an RPG game.
    Hilarious kid just banned two people for accusing him of piracy. This is a rather chaotic Livestream. Come watch for entertainment, although you won't learn much.
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    posted a message on A Navy Vet gets his face broken for spray painting a car
    The fact he's a veteran should not be taken into account when considering his crimes. I am willing to bet that his profession would not even be mentioned in the headline if this vandal was a firefighter or a surgeon.
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    posted a message on Favorite Quotations.
    “I am a citizen, not of Athens or Greece, but of the world." - Socrates

    "Insanity is a perfectly rational adjustment to an insane world." - R.D. Laing

    "My criteria would be the three H's, which is head, heart and hands. Great art would have head: it would have interesting intellectual ideas and concepts. It would have heart in that it would have passion and heart and soul. And it would have hand in that it would be greatly crafted." - Shea Hembrey, from "How I Became 100 Artists"
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    posted a message on What is with fanboys? (Including PC)
    Some of the PC fanboys are annoying, but many of the console fanboys can be just as bad. Let's just agree that fanboys in general are rather pestiferous.

    My computer was purchased for about £400 (US$625.8) a couple of years ago. My brother put the parts together and it can run most games from the past few years on high graphical settings. I also have a Wii (which never gets used), a DS and my boyfriend has a Xbox 360 that we play together.

    Personally, I think PCs are generally at a technical and cost advantage, but consoles are nice when you have friends that you sometimes invite round. They each have their pros and cons and there's no point bickering about it, although I welcome a casual debate and it's a good idea to take expensive purchases seriously. I'm a lonely nerd so a PC suits me fine.
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    posted a message on Why...
    Quote from Aelyth

    I don't know, I lost quite a lot of respect for Notch since the hypocrite and unprofessional tweets he wrote about the Yogscast.

    Well, he's apologised now. Best not to hold him against it.

    Anyway, I've been wondering: Will Jeb be getting his own cult following and personal emoticon? :iapprove:
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    posted a message on Help- how do I survive
    Ask someone else on the server to come and find the spawner. They can put torches down, kill the spiders and then you can log back in and get to safety.
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    posted a message on [contest of awsom]Pico vs minecraft chick
    To be honest, I think Minecraft Chick is too reliant on her gender as her main appeal. Being female and playing Minecraft does not make her special and she is a stereotypical example of a 'gurl gamer'. However, compliments to her for all her success, and I'm sure she works hard in spite of her limited appeal to anyone beyond lonely teenage boys.

    As for Pico, I honestly have no idea who she is.
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    posted a message on Dear NOTCH - XRAY FIX!? SOLUTION????
    It's the responsibility of the host to ensure that no cheating goes on in their servers and there are plenty of utilities available to aid them with this. Introducing a texture pack approval system would cause a lot of unnecessary extra work for Mojang and serve as an obstacle to those interested in making and distributing their own new texture pack.

    How would it work, anyway? You can introduce an approval system for the forums, but people will simply upload xray texture packs on other websites. You could alter the game's own code, but this would make it impossible to test a work-in-progress texture pack or a new update for an established pack, and hackers would still find a workaround.
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    posted a message on Escher Relativity
    Quote from Sillen

    How did you get the stairs to be stone?

    (I haven't played Minecraft since 1.7.3, pardon me if it's an addition I've missed.)

    Great job though.

    I think that those are whole blocks, not stair blocks.

    By the way, great job! Original for comparison:
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