About Me

LV: 23
Favorite Weapon: Wacom Tablet
ATK: Game Development
DEF: Minecraft
MAG: Art

Heloo :3 my name is Galactic_muffin (which if literally translated means Epic Space Milk Muffin ~YUM), most people call me Muffin or Gal for short... and for those who don't know, try to stay away from...well, "muff." its just not a good word :/

Anywho, I am a 23 year old absolutely crazy about games, art, and of course Minecraft :3
Now that I graduated from college I now work for an independant game studio developing art assets for games on mobile devices. i have helped developed games in the past with other projects for Xbox 360 and PC. we are soon developing for PS4!

But as for Minecraft, I have a whole different passion. I strive to bring the game development skills I have to Minecraft and hopefully help spread creativity and innovation throughout the community. here are some of the ways I am doing this:

Colored Glass Topic:
Some of you may be familiar with the Colored glass topic here on the forums. I started this topic in hopes to provide the community with an outlet of their own creativity and voice; I always encourage people to submit their own ideas on the topic which i add to the op if I feel they show innovation on the ideas discussed there. The topic is now one of the most popular suggestion threads on the forums and has been expanding into blogs and mimic topic in other Minectaft communities. it had even begun to grab the attention of Mojang and some of our topic supporters say that the April fools update of 2013 was a response to our requests for colored glass. Exciting! we have been making good progress and there are high hopes that colored glass and possibly light will be added to Minecraft in future updates.

Topic can be found here:

Deadman Dungeons:
I am also working on a large Minecraft server called Deadman Dungeons. I am trying to use this server as an opportunity to bring real game development elements to Minecrafts vast world of servers. I want to use it to help set a standard for all Minecraft servers and server admins; what kind of quality should servers aspire to deliver, putting their players first mentality, listening and assessing the ideas and suggestions of the community.

no more power hungry admins no more lazy development and no more walls that separite the players and the development of a server. that is our goal...and of course to provide something fun for the community -_^

Topic can be found here: