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    posted a message on What's your opinion on cracked Minecraft?
    Cracked minecraft is...well, people who pirate minecraft are silly anyway, but...
    Although I bought minecraft without pirating it first, I can understand why some people do it. To test the game, to make sure it works on their computer, etc. But pirating it and then never buying it afterwards...unless you didn't like the game, you should buy it. Minecraft will always be an indie game, even though Mojang is far from that now. Buying minecraft will support Mojang to make better games, and help indie game companies like Mojang thrive in a big-buisiness-centered world.
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    posted a message on DDoS attacks
    Well, it may not be traceable, but it's still illegal, and it's still just being not nice. people think it's funny, but it's just annoying and just...well, immature! It's one thing to DDoS Iran's webpage because of internet censorship (It's still kind of immature, but whatever, it's not being a douche, it's just being naive). But it's another thing to lose your temper and decide to take it out on the world. Just like it may not harm others when you drink underage, but when you do that while driving your car and texting, you're not only not caring about others, but you're inadvertently causing harm, such as how this server in question "lost several good players".

    Just accept that all DDoSers are fat 10 year olds with ADHD. Yeah being illegal won't stop people from doing it, but that doesn't mean it's ethical.
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    posted a message on Minecraft is becoming more Zombie Survival?
    Just because one mob gets smarter and more like what it's supposed to be (honestly, you should expect Zombies to be breaking down doors, really) doesn't mean the entire game is changing genres.
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    posted a message on How to Renew your Minecraft Love !
    Quote from iKillZombies1MC

    Then I guess you have only been playing since 1.8 beta

    first of all, the bumping is getting kind of tiring. I've seen this thread to much lately.
    Second of all, this quote.

    Just because someone likes the current Minecraft terrain doesn't make it ok to automatically target them as a newbie. There are veterans like me out there who have been with this game since alpha, who love every part of minecraft.

    Not everybody agrees with you.

    Now, there is something to be said about the...wildness of pre-1.8 terrain. There were giant cliffs everywhere, mostly. But it was a lot less neat and uniform. Some people love that. I personally loved it. But that doesn't mean I can't love 1.3 terrain, too. I can actually *gasp* build things on flat terrain! That's something that required excessive terraforming if you were to do it before 1.8.

    Believe me, this debate is the hottest on the forums right now. There are fans craving for the re-in-statement of the 1.8 randomness to modern terrain. And there are dedicated players -- newbies and veterans alike -- who can stand change, and see the cup of water half full, rather than half empty. I don't personally give a crap about giant cliffs everywhere. If it was changed, it just means that Jeb has decided that terrain that didn't have giant cliffs everywhere could be a better game mechanic.
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    posted a message on Brand new to all this
    Quote from don11dwayne

    Hi everyone new here new to minecraft I'm 23 (am I too old for this game lol) anyway got this game yesterday ain't played it yet what updates do I need to get etc for single player and multi thanks in advance !

    I don't believe you. Not the new part, mind you, but the 23 part. Because from your post, I got the "I'm a 13-year-old who wants to sound older online" vibe. Prove me wrong.
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    posted a message on I want to build a factory-
    Well, it depends what you want your "factory" to be. Many people make their factories to be purely function, no form. That means big holes in the ground, or cobblestone rectangles. But what you're looking for, I assume, is a good-looking factory.

    With that in mind, there are two ways of going about this. You could either:

    A) Make it look like a real-life factory. The stereotypical factory design is something like this: You have a rectangle, and then a smaller rectangle stacked on top of it. Then out of the smaller rectangle, you have two or three smokestacks. With this, I would recommend marble with smoothstone borders and accents, and square glass windows. Then, make the smokestacks out of brick.

    B:) Make it look like some random awesome-looking building, and inside have a bunch of machinery in Tekkit. With this, I have two suggestions. First, make columns. Roman columns make anything, even a modern building, look so much better. Second, use arches. They don't have to be masterfully made, but try to use arches and domes instead of squares and rectangles. With this, the materials all depend on what you're going for. A greco-roman building would have marble, brick, and stone. A modern skyscraper might have marble or obsidian, and a whole lot of glass.

    Above all, look at pictures on google, and try to replicate them in Minecraft. Simplest way to do it!
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    posted a message on Oh, the irony.
    Quote from Babadoc

    That is not Irony, here's a definition of Irony:
    the use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning: the irony of her reply, “How nice!” when I said I had to work all weekend.
    not the best example, that's a far better example of sarcasm.

    Irony is where you signal an opposition between appearance and reality. A person might be nicknamed "Tiny," but it's ironic if they're actually 8 feet tall.
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    posted a message on ghasts need to be removed
    I hope this is a parody of that "remove endermen" thread that's hovering around here.

    If not, you sir should not have built complex machinery in the bowels of hell without protecting it.
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    posted a message on What makes an LP unique? What gets you to watch new LPs?
    It should come naturally. A good way to practice this is by speaking your thoughts whenever you're playing a game. For instance, I was playing minecraft and a creeper blew up the beach near my house. If I was practicing for an LP, or doing an LP, I would say something like "Aaaaand the creeper automatically blows up the place which is hardest to fill back in when my OCD gets all twitchy." Or if I was playing Majora's mask and I was doing the Wind Fish Ballad quest, I could reminisce about having played the original Link's Awakening to the audience.
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    posted a message on If you Could Remove one Thing in Minecraft, What Would it Be?

    I would remove the newly added Vsync. It really irks me that Jeb idiotically added that negative feature.

    Looks like SOMEONE doesn't know what the hell that actually means. Basically, it means that there's one code for the server and singleplayer: singleplayer, essentially, has the capability now to accomodate other players. In addition, if you WANT TO, you can host a server on the LAN. SIngleplayer is NOT going online-only. You WON'T be required to host a server whenever you play, and you WON'T be more succeptible to hackers. God, it seems like everyone thinks that an optional feature that smooths out things internally is bad only because it puts in a button to put your singleplayer world out across local area networks.
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