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    posted a message on [1.0.0] GLSL Acid Shader Mod
    Hey guys, thanks for keeping this shader compatible.

    I was working on a second version that works a little differently (there's a bit of screen-space morphing for each color channel, a little bit of hue offsetting, the axis for rotation moves a bit so it doesn't just turn around the center of the screen, and a few other tweaks), but Minecraft was updated and I couldn't get GLSL to work, and then my computer died.

    If I find the time I'll try to fix my old computer and retrieve the newer version of the shader, but in the mean time
    mad props to Epocalypse for keeping this up to date, and I'm happy people are still using this shader I made mostly as a joke.

    Original name is "Shader that makes you puke" and the idea was to get drunk, and stop drinking if :
    - You puked
    - Minecraft started to look normal again

    I like Acid Shader Mod as a name though, and the new version of the shader that I have to retrieve and update is more along those lines, it's not quite as vomit inducing, the waves are more subtle, but there's other stuff going on, so it feels more like a mellow "Dude, fairies are so cute and there's apple pie in the music" than "Oh crap oh crap I'm gonna puke... Or die... Or both"
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    posted a message on [Archive #1] Video Megathread

    Messing with GLSL shader mod, wrote a shader that makes people sick...
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    posted a message on You know you've played too much Minecraft when...
    Quote from atiaxi »
    ... Really?

    It didn't even require you to search.

    Fair enough I'll change the title... this isn't a list thread, but a video thread
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    posted a message on You know you've played too much Minecraft when...

    Playing like this makes me queezy...
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    posted a message on SMP doesn't need OPs.
    Whether it "needs" ops or not is irrelevent.

    People seem to forget that each and every Minecraft server is hosted by an individual, and that individual (plus any of his friends he chooses to share power with) are ops. If I host a server, it's because I want to offer a game experience that other servers aren't offering yet, or that I want my own little place so I can have some control. If I don't get to kick or ban whoever I feel isn't fitting in, then there's something seriously wrong, and I'll just have to do it the good old way, block the IP connection at the Linux terminal (yeah, I was a DOOM admin a couple times, and the first servers didn't offer much in the way of moderation).

    Also, there's another thing. People should think of a privately owned server as a house party. The op has opened the doors to his house, he's paying for drinks, and all he asks in return is that people enjoy themselves and respect his house rules. For example, when I'm hosting a party at my place, there's the "no drinks near the turntables" rule, I have friends who don't care whether or not you have your beer near their equipment, but I do. And if someone rests his drink on my mixing table, then it's in my right to do whatever I want about it, it's my house, my stuff, my records.
    What I'm saying is, if you enter a server, and the MOTD says "no raiding bases, no attacking people", then don't do it. If you're playing SMP to raid and kill, then find a server that's OK with that. Always obey house rules, even if they aren't enforced by the game. And enforcing house rules are what Ops are needed for.

    Call me a ***** if you want, but I hope to run a no open war server, where PvPing is regulated (ie, you can only kill people who want to fight), and I hope to be able to turn mob spawning well high. If the server options don't allow me to enforce these rules, then I'll kick or ban anybody who doesn't follow them, and if you don't like that, join another server, or howt one yourself.
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    posted a message on crazy houses
    Quote from floven1 »
    i am making a house underwater
    yeah, underwater, anyone got any crazier house locations to share?

    I have an underwater dome with a tree, a sheep and some flowers in it. It's my underwater garden. I'll post pics when I get some time.
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    posted a message on What will be your role in Survival?
    I'd build hidden stuff to amaze random travellers, and leave stuff in houses built on top of cliffs.
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    posted a message on Multiplayer isnt even STARTED?
    Most of the updates that have been coming are things that are kind of necessary to get right before multiplayer.

    So although he hasn't been working on the multiplayer code, he has been moving towards multiplayer.
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    posted a message on "Not on Steam" <- Indev Quote
    Hey guys, chill on the flaming (not trying to backseat mod here, just saying a little chillax could make for a better conversation).

    IMO if Minecraft stays an in-browser game, I can't really see the advantage of Steam apart from exposure to a larger public, but if it becomes an offline game or there's a standalone version, then maybe.

    I would like to point out that using Steam to sell games doen't cause lock-in, the developer can choose to sell the game however he wants on the side too.
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    posted a message on PvP combat in general
    I used to do archery and the fastest an experienced archer can fire (with a longbow, the quickest use bow there is) is about 10 shots a minute. When firing at that rate, it's almost impossible to hit a human sized target at more than ten meters, so balancing bows should be an easy fix. Also, you can't fire a bow "from the hip" like you can with a gun.

    So here's how bows SHOULD work :
    - Archer draws his bow, it takes about 6 seconds to take an arrow, place it on the bow and notch it onto the string and pull back.
    - At this point accuracy is extremely low, releasing the mouse to fire now would send the arrow anywhere in a 30° cone.
    - Accuracy starts to get better all the way to a 0,2° cone over the course of about 20 seconds. At the same time, mouse wobbling starts, small at first.
    - After about a minute of holding the bow ready to fire, the wobbling moves the aim all about.

    (the wobbling is to reflect the fact that a 40+ pound bow is quite a hard thing to hold tight, and you begin to tremble, although an experienced archer can predict his wobbling and time the release so he launches the arrow when he's aiming correctly)

    This would make taking out an enemy at a distance (like an ambush) would be possible, since in that case you can take your time, but making it an actual battle weapon quite pointless, like a real bow. (Or if there are a large number of archers, then they could spam arrows together, again, like real bowmen.)
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    posted a message on Door Blocks
    Those using torches in indev will know that Minecraft can support attaching to a surface (wall).

    Most doors (if not all) are attached to a wall.

    How about making a door object (like the torch object, not a block) that you can attach to a block, the door is one block wide and one block high, yet pixel-thin and it is hinged where at the block it's attached to.

    next, make the door object detect if it is placed above/under another door and merge them (like that you can have a 2 block high door) and make the texture grow to fill the whole thing like when you place two chests to make one in indev.

    To open/close, right click on the door and it swings into position.

    I think this solution is in-keeping with the minecraft look and feel, and could easily work with the crafting system :
    :wood: :wood: [iron]
    :wood: :wood: [iron] = door object
    :wood: :wood: [iron]
    Iron ought to be iron nugget, not block, just a suggestion though.
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    posted a message on Half-Hearts and Healing.
    I guess magical items (if there are any) could insta-heal, but I like this idea.

    Another quick idea that I like :
    :brick: = full heart
    :obsidian: = no heart
    [iron] = bandage

    so healthy is : :brick: :brick: :brick: :brick: :brick: :brick: :brick:
    and dead is : :obsidian: :obsidian: :obsidian: :obsidian: :obsidian: :obsidian: :obsidian:

    So the idea is, when you "heal" yourself, you take a second or two to apply a bandage, which heals you instantly with up to four "bandage" hearts, like so :
    :brick: [iron] [iron] [iron] [iron] :obsidian: :obsidian:
    The bandages wear off after a while, meaning that you will lose all the bandage hearts over time.

    To not lose the bandage hearts, you need to eat something then not take any damage for the whole healing process (15 mins maybe?).

    Pros : You can insta-heal, getting you out of that tight situation with the spider and the skelly.
    Nice little story aspect, you bandage up right after combat, struggle home, then have a meal and rest.

    Cons : maybe a little complex as an idea

    I also think you should heal for free but at a very slow rate : maybe one half-heart every 10 minutes, meaning that it would take a good 3 or 4 indev days to heal fully.
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    posted a message on A million tnt
    I do believe TNT does a wider damage when used en masse, I've been doing tests, but I'm not sure how to measure...
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    posted a message on Skin Request - Slender Man
    Quote from OmegaX123 »
    Slender Man is neither monster nor myth, he was created on (4chan? SA? I don't remember) as a 'create a supernatural photo' contest entry.

    There are people on this forum requesting all sorts of fictional characters, just because this one is advertised as paranormal doesn't make it any less different, OP just wanted a cool skin dude...
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    posted a message on Left 4 Minecraft?
    Quote from Neko_Baron »
    Just wait for multi-player survival and scripting to be done, you could script map changes and such and maybe even make bots to go around with players.

    No Mercy link in sig below (Only NM1+2)

    Respect map, great build...
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