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    Green Minecraft Mod Indev 0.0.3_1

    Is your favorite color green?

    Do you wish There was a green ore that wasn't used to trade for useless items?

    Look no further!

    What is Green Minecraft?

    The Green Minecraft Mod, or Green Mod, Is a mod which adds all sorts of blocks and items dedicated to (and soon to be the other 3 basic colors, Red, Blue and Yellow) the color GREEN!

    Yeah, ok. But what does it offer in it's early state?

    Since this mod is still in Indev, very soon to be in Very early alpha, This mod only adds a particle emmitting ore, a gem for it, and and a block that both emits particles, but also gives you speed and haste!

    The Ore and Gem

    The Block

    What do you plan to add in the future?

    Green text = Guaranteed to be added at some point

    Gold text = Possibility

    Red Text = Not a large chance

    Pink text = Scrapped, but may be reconsidered in the future

    Black text = Undecided

    Bold text = Your suggestions! (Above colors apply)


    Red, Blue and Yellow stuff!
    Green Sword, Tools, Armour, Biomes
    Green Mobs
    Green Food
    Green Boss & Mini-boss
    An optional expansion pack adding Orange, Purple and Pink ores, and their stuff
    Paint (like dye, but for blocks and not Armour and sheep)


    Green Mod 0.0.3_1 [1.7.10] LATEST! http://www.mediafire.com/download/p4417rg4sig1rak/GreenModIndev003_1.zip

    Green Mod 0.0.3 [1.7.10] Not recommended http://www.mediafire.com/download/di1e6ui4g1i3dgy/GreenModIndev003.zip

    Green Mod 0.0.2 [1.7.10] Not recommended http://www.mediafire.com/download/pwtpo1025h2o2u0/GreenModIndev002.zip

    Green Mod 0.0.1 [1.7.2] http://www.mediafire.com/download/s4c30rg5dpuw380/GreenModINDEV001.zip

    Support me!

    Donate to help me buy my training course so I can code for real! (No donate button right now, so here's a rock n' roll villager :nssnss: by Drazile12 )

    Help my mod get noticed!

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