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    posted a message on Whats the name of the mod

    I think you are referring to the mega rubber sapling (or even sacred rubber sapling) from Mine factory reloaded.

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    posted a message on Rolling back an update from 1.8.1 to 1.8.3
    I think it should be OK to revert back.

    If you are still too unsure, you'd better Backup the world saves beforehand and restore it if things go bad.
    (you should have server backups in ANY case really if you'd ask me though)
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    posted a message on 1.8 world customization options -- changing them after world is created?
    Actually. I Think you can.

    First off you'd need NBTExplorer.
    Open up the Level.dat of the minecraft world you want to alter.
    Verify that "generatorName" Is Already set to "customized"
    Then you can open up "generatorOptions" and alter the numbers within.

    The Values you want to change ARE there. It's just that the box you see is dang small. So Scrolling is needed.

    Wrong edits will likely Botch up the world and perhaps irreparably damage it.
    So BACK-UP your world before you even think of attempting this.

    Also. Previous loaded and stored Chunks will likely have all their ores (including those stones) to have generated.
    Altering the fine tuning of the world Generation will not Regenerate this.
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    posted a message on why was nether wart removed from /give command?
    That's the Block ID.

    There is also the ITEM ID, which is 372.

    You can STILL give your self the nether_wart Item, but no longer the Block.
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    posted a message on Microsoft v Mojang, 1.10 or 2.0?
    Also note that Snapshots also follow a "Version scheme".

    For example 14w34b
    14 is the year in which the snapshot is released.
    w stands for week. (literally)
    34 is the actual week number the snapshot is released in. (so w34 is actually 1 segment of the version number/string)
    the letter at the end is the revision. Starting at a, all the way to what's needed. (never seen it past d though)
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    posted a message on Microsoft/Mojang Deal Confirmed.
    My guess will be the next update (1.9 etc) Will include the next line in the update notes:

    - Added Herobrine

    Cause Microsoft seems likely to do something like that to "lore"/"Culture"(?) like that.

    Further on... I'm more wondering on how the Community will respond to this, then on how Microsoft will be leading minecraft from now on.
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    posted a message on 1.8 Bug/Glitch- New doors acting funny.
    This has nothing to do with the door.

    It is in fact the chunk being just far enough to the side to be unloaded by the game.
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    posted a message on Conducting a servey on what kind of minecraft you play.
    Mostly just survival (single and multi) in vanilla.

    When it comes to modpacks I tend to play with the Yogscast Complete Pack.Although I'm interested to check out the Hermitcraft "ModSauce" once they release it.

    And on occasion some Redstone kinda stuff.
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    posted a message on Tired of This...Please Help Me!
    Find a village and turn it to a growing City.
    It's what I usually do.
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    posted a message on [Feedback]News Articles Are Not Topics Anymore...
    I always liked checking the news as forum posts.
    Thus still seeing the News Forum as the top main forum is a bit annoying now.
    Especially if no new content will be added to it anymore.

    So if the news forum is now only an "archive" of the older news system, why does it take the prominent spot.
    It is the first place people would be looking in to see if there's something "New" when they are on the forum.
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    posted a message on 14w27a (1.8)
    Bunnies and cook-able mutton? Sweet.

    This really makes any sheep you don't have for the wool useful for once.

    And the bunnies are just so darn cute to stare at.
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    posted a message on Snapshot Wednesday - 14w26a
    Blocks no longer talk about you behind your back.

    I guess the april fools resource pack is now entirely removed? :P

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    posted a message on Saturday with Sach: The Villager Project, Day 1
    I'm wondering how villagers respond if they found their village burning.

    Will they try to put out the fire?
    Stare at the fire?
    Walk into the fire?
    Or simply ignore the fire around them all together?
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    posted a message on Summon Slime with specific size?
    Quote from LemonLimeLife1

    Nevermind I found out

    What is the command then?
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    posted a message on The 'MONSTER': A HUGE 40 floor Slime Block Elevator!
    Yeah. Guessed that the type of item didn't really matter, just kept it to diamonds as you were using those in the vid.
    Guess that as long as it's stackable it's good for use.

    And I have seen those chests under the hoppers.
    However. To recollect the items, you now have to visit each floor again.
    Which would make the collecting of items a bit counterproductive.
    So maybe a collection line to get all the items in the bottom most chest (hopperline I guess) might be desirable.
    That is. If you have the space for it in that corner.
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