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    Well then, thank you for your undoubtedly professional opinion.
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    Quote from DeadBeyond

    Expect I WON'T WORK ON THIS PACK! that's the point of discontinuing it. I was going to ask a mod to lock the topic for me, and I have never done such a thing please don't make things up ok you don't know me and you certainly can't insult me like this. It hard to draw with one arm and I'm finding it hard to do any thing dosent help having someone insult you because she knows best, I personal think that you have got too big for you boots and should get of of you high horse I liked you before you had twenty million packs

    Lol, dead. Chill out, dude, but you were threatening to discontinue your pack for quite a time now. It's just funny how you get offended because of someone actually noticing it.
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    I made a simplecraft and I liked it.
    Flame me.

    Seriously tho, I can understand the need to work hard, but, as I noticed, it takes more than just effort, sadly.
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