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    Eternal Eden: Factions of Eden

    Eternal Eden

    We are now open to the public, come join us!

    My apologies for such a small thread, there's still much to do and we lack a GFX artist, we're also still evolving the server to become something unique.


    About the world:

    Right now this is only a lore but it will be implemented on later dates:

    Eden was once a world of beauty and peaceful living, humanity thrived alongside nature. Empires spanned across the world, extending their reach beyond their eyes could see, but one day, an unknown illness spread in one of these kingdoms. Without proper means of curing this illness, it became epidemic, people fell ill left and right. Desperate, the sovereignty sought the help of a novice wizard who had been practicing medical alchemy. Stumped by the new disease, the wizard made a hasty and critical mistake, with his powers, he ripped open a door to what is now known as the End, dimension of the Enders. Seeing that there was nothing of use here, he tore open a second door to another dimension, the hellish dimension we now call the Nether.
    Our fate was sealed by these mistakes. After he set foot into the Nether, he was never seen again. Through the End portal, the queen of the void dimension was released upon Eden. The shadow of the dragon queen spread across the land as she laid waste to the kingdoms and villages of Eden. Shortly after, the Whither came through, monarch of the Nether, and began warping all he touched, turning the survivors of the Queen's hateful flight into wretched undead soldiers. Soon, the world was engulfed in chaos as bother the Wither and the Dragon of the End waged a war which scarred our lands for many eons. Pigs were warped into creepers, humans into zombies and skeletons. Spiders, which once stayed in their caves, now began to roam freely as they took advantage of the chaos to earn themselves a meal.

    But the war did not last long: Peasants, a local miner and a blacksmith, two warriors of fate known as Alex and Steve rose to the occasion. In a single attempt, both warriors fought their way through to the wizard's tower, where the mess had begun. With pickaxe and sword in hand, they tore down the Nether portal and fought the End Queen back into the void before they too tore down the End portal. The result of the energy released from the void portal collapsing upon itself caused an explosion so massive it was seen from miles away, leaving what was once the tower, a crater.

    From this time on, the Endermen and the forces of the Nether have dwindled, while we still fight off their soldiers, they are no longer as numerous as they once were. Nature has reclaimed much in these later years and now once more, humans will once again rise. But be warned: The wither still lives among Eden and the Dragon Queen's footmen, the Endermen now know how to travel between the End dimension and Eden at will.

    What are we?

    Eternal Eden is a survival server with ambitions to rise to new heights in popularity and hopefully in time with content. It is, in essence, a fantasy survival utilizing plugins such as McMmo and will feature airships with usage of MoveCraft. Factions has been done away with and replaced by Towny in which we now use to replace the community feel of the game.

    What is there to do?

    This is the second server opening of the year. We're still brainstorming content to add but for now we're asking the community to hop on, play and report bugs with the game. As of now, the main allures that there may be to the server is gaining a good footing with the staff by participating in tests and the server itself by reporting issues and bugs. We have a market set up, McMMO is added, there is Towny, and there is indeed MoveCraft to allow players to build ships and zeppelins for themselves.

    Suggestions? Problems? Contact me on Skype or e-mail at:

    Skype: [email protected]
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    Subjects like this are not ours to judge. He was one of three owners but Minecraft was birthed by him. He had every right to sell, everything else is a basis of opinions. Why he chose Microsoft is beyond me, perhaps there's a goal that they stated or perhaps a promise they made in private to console his doubts in selling to him. Perhaps they made an offer he really liked that none others offered.

    But still, he has done no crime. There is no murder of a human life, no battery of another human being, no affairs with another woman, and no robbery, other than the robbery of the lives of those who now waste them ranting about what is done and can never be changed. He sold it, it's gone. There's nothing more to do. You can make his life miserable, yes, but then how much better are you?

    The moral here is something everyone should take into account: Cherish all good things you have, if it makes everyone other than yourself happy then it is all the more precious, and when you give it away or put it into the hands of a company or person with malicious intent, you are not hurting yourself but anyone else who believes in the project or gift that you have.

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    Herobrine topics are allowed as per Jefe's rules, I spoke to him about them and he made it clear that normal topics about Herobrine are permitted and welcome so long as they do not promote hoaxes, such as the topic author claiming he's real. Herobrine could be a great addition, a secret addition would be nice, as a matter of fact any secret addition would be nice as long as it's not game breaking.

    His behavior could be simple, pop in, hit a few times, pop out, or even code in a way to somehow spawn in a pitfall for the player to fall in or even a standard trap block that would detonate or activate. Heck, they could go all out on him as an opposing force throughout minecraft as long as he's activated. A force that grows in threat throughout the game spawning in at random for a little tussle and bouncing out when he loses. The final Herobrine battle can be triggered after the destruction of the Wither and the Ender Dragon, have herobrine pop in right after the final required boss is slain and ensue another epic battle of player vs boss. Perhaps he could be the one controlling overworld mobs?

    So much potential goes into Herobrine as an addition, if they added him it'd be monumental depending on whether or not they play their cards correctly.

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    It's best if you tried to upgrade one update at a time, not many people have kept a save that long I don't think. From my experience upgrading map it usually only causes an ugly drop in terrain on newly generated chunks.

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    Well, let's lay it all out.

    There are people who don't want changes and there are people who do, GTA is such a simple game, it's about shooting innocent people, robbing banks, smashing cars, and doing everything like sky-diving. There is no real simulation other than murder, driving, and flying and with the game ALL features are final according to the fans. They don't feel obligated to have new additions outside of DLC so they don't say anything.

    Minecraft fans have the luxury to feel like they can demand new changes or whine about them. Mojang screwed up by allowing the community to have a voice. I get it, they wanted to be the lovable developers who wanted their players and fans to have an input but the backlash of that choice is that the people lose this sense of "It's the developers decision" and immediately shift into demand and whine mode because they were given the input so they now whine in hopes that the developers will get tired of the tears and change the game.

    Top of that GTA is an ADULT game, no child has ANY business playing it. EVER. The parents who let their children play it are the parents who are sinking the respect of the gaming community among outsiders the most. We're seen as overgrown children who take influence from a bunch of pixels because some kid thought he could do it in real life. Why? Because the parents bought him a game and never monitored what it was or even thought. "Hmm...he's beating a hooker, maybe I should talk to him about why he shouldn't?" No instead sadly some parents say "Hah! He's beating a hooker!" or aren't even around to say "You like beating women huh? Give me that piece of ----. You're grounded."

    Minecraft is a child's game so as you can expect, our forum is crawling with Squeekers crying because their parents never taught them that life doesn't adhere to their preference. They're too young to think over every single thing, they only cry about it and meet another child who ends up joining them and soon you have a mob of little monkeys screaming and flinging their fecal matter everywhere until they reach an adult who is willing to flesh out their idea and place it somewhere official where they can line up and say "Full Support on Bananas".

    If that doesn't explain anything there's the divide in our community. Everyone says "I'm a Minecrafter!" but what they don't realize is there are different Minecrafters.

    There are Pixel Artist Minecrafters. (Demand more Colors)

    There are Arcade Survivalists. (Happy with everything)

    There are Challenge Survivalists. (Want everything to be a challenge, stand against the new additions the most.)

    There are Simulation Survivalists. (They want everything to be full on survival simulation)

    There are Immersion Survivalists. (They want more additions to make the game immersive, temperature, graphical details, actual ovens, multiblock forges with functional weapon crafting)

    There are Creative Survivalists. (Demand more Building Blocks)

    There are Creative Builders. (Same as above but demand quantity extends into things with no value to survival)

    There are Red Stone Mechanics. (Tinker with Redstone all day, demand more redstone functions and machines)

    There are Arcade Fighters. (Mineplex fan-base)

    The fanbase is split amongst these and there's a constant clash because each of these fan-bases are threatened by the others and are disliking that Mojang are trying to adapt to everyones. Then there are the simpletons who hate any new addition because their pessimistic outlook causes them to feel that they HAVE to update to these new things that they HAVE to learn these new things and so they feel that their precious moments are changing too rapidly or because they have no use for these new things they feel that the game is becoming too complex.

    Most of the people who complain about a feature are people who never use it, they feel that minecraft is for them and forget they are part of a community with different interests and different values. What this forum needs to learn is how to interact with others who do not share their opinions, they need to learn that there are differences and that one persons way is not THE way it's just A way. Meaning, Minecraft is for everyone, not just you.

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    posted a message on Does music help you build better?

    Music helps me when I'm writing, it helps me when I'm studying for my GED, and it helps me in building. I think it helps because it keeps the mind ticking when it would otherwise be dead ( building a small part of a structure or chasing a cow for example ), and if it isn't just me, I'd say that for others it would take a while for the mind to start ticking again when it dies. So, music keeps my mind going, taking in the melodies until I need it, then I focus on the task and return to the music when it's done.

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    posted a message on RUBIES! Tiny little ideas of mine. :)
    Quote from megabyte12345»

    First off, it likely won't be 2.0, it will probably be Minecraft 1.10 instead like they did with 1.7.10.

    Rubies are oversuggested.

    Ruby armor is oversuggested.

    More cake is oversuggested.

    Green apples is pointless, there's nothing wrong with the apples we have.

    Cars don't fit in.

    Is this even a suggestion? I'm quite confused. By the way, your grammar is pretty bad.

    With such a large fan-base you can take almost all ideas and pin them up as "Over-Suggested". Anyone who comes across this forum so often would know that, so in fact you are stating the obvious. Take into account age as well, Megabyte, you could be dealing with a youngster and complaining about grammar before he even reaches the class. In fact, I know full grown men who can't even spell the word Grammar. So please, don't complain and just be happy you can at least read what he's saying.

    In case you guys aren't catching his drift with the first half:

    He's asking what you guys think, what IF they added cars to minecraft, what IF they added more food. What do you think it would change and how, but keep in mind that Minecraft is a creation that emphasizes on fun with friends and fun alone. The "what if" is up to your imagination. He wants your input, not your criticism. Rather than looking into it so much, have fun with it and imagine the silliness or the wonky things that could happen with different additions or perhaps the fallback and benefits.

    While this doesn't belong in suggestions it's really something you can take into account and still have a load of fun answering. Of course, unless you don't want to step down from your horse to have a little bit of entertainment.

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    posted a message on Minecraft would be better off the way it was

    Freedomna's quote holds incredible explanation to most cases of nostalgic rants. Notice how people complain and continue complain but will never backport to 1.7 or 1.8, that's because they don't want to face the reality that back then was amazing mainly because of that sense of discovery. It was like ecstasy for me when I first played and crafted a pickaxe on my own. The door followed after and so on.

    While I still stand firm that back then had a much richer game play I only say so because the new terrain gens are bland and that the survival aspect has become weak. I feel that the minecraft back then had a much richer world to explore not in biomes but in landmarks. I enjoyed that stacking was severely limited with food, it made you consider what you needed and what you didn't need. That's just me though.

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    posted a message on Am I the only one?
    I'm an avid mod follower, I have my minecraft modded to the teeth and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon, but that's not the point.

    I'm a little disgruntled recently and I'm making this post aimed squarely at the head of several people but will not mention names. Recently I've been seeing an increase of M-Creator based mods, I have no hate for these because bashing on someone who's found an alternative means to release their inspiration to the world is not only pointless but it makes a major pain out of those who go out of their way.

    I don't know when this pathetic wave of elitism rolled out onto the forum but I've witnessed ideas from various youngsters being shot down because some worthless sack of cow manure thinks he has a following. Some of these producers are only children trying to get their mod ideas out there and are being burnt at the stake because rather than waiting for a modder, they used M-Creator.

    I believe steps should be taken to put these egomaniacs in their place as their criticism is anything but constructive. With the way people are raising their kids these days, the way the morons are putting them down can be quite destructive and it concerns me.

    I don't believe M-Creator to be a worthless program but rather a useful tool with capability of creating little tidbits that, if made properly and given enough thought, could be used in any mod pack without a major relapse. I think M-Creations could be used as an effective companion to larger mods or even be used to satisfy the hunger of players who prefer to keep their minecraft modding light.

    Welp, fire in the hole!
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    Only on 1.6.4 and just barely, I had a unique instance where it generated my world but the biome were all spotty with other biomes in them.

    I wish it would be updated because the spheres provided a major challenge and a unique gameplay.
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