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    Quote from asikar

    the new update has to have SMP support because of the way minecraft 1.3 is set up.

    the GUI control extension for this mod is for the controls window under the options in the minecraft pause screen. without it the done button is in the way of the control settings of the zeppelin, things like, forward, backward, up and down. chaining to other blocks applies to the nonfollow blocks in this mod. for example GNS uses note blocks to line the bottom of his ship so he can land it anywhere and not have to worry about his ship including his landing pad or the ground.

    Asikar is correct, 'not chaining to other blocks' means just that - it won't link to other blocks. It is helpful to think of it this way:

    When you turn the controller block on, it reaches out in all directions (except diagonal, by default) to link blocks to itself, stopping only when it runs out of blocks to detect, or if the size limit is reached. This linking obviously goes 'through' blocks, like a magnetic force. A no follow block can be linked, but the linking will stop at that block and go no further. Line the underside of your ships with this block.

    This allows you to land your airship on virtually any other block, even other no follow blocks, and you can freely turn your airship on and off without fear of it linking to the floor/ground by mistake. You can even put these blocks lining the side of your ship, so you can moor the ship against a midair walkway (in case you have ships that were never designed to be landed directly on the ground due to their size or to belly turrets, etc).
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    Just finished most of the work for this new ship, which I'm dubbing the Maelstrom-class airship. Nearly twice as large as my older airship designs, it was designed and built from the top-down (instead of top-up). This means that I create the command deck first, get it sized properly and looking correct, then I lift it up and build the hull beneath it.

    Here it is in the hangar, just built and ready to go. I built the hangar (and two others like it, for a total of 3) so that I can build my airships in safety and comfort. The walls and ceilings are lined with light-emitting blocks, and the floor is lined with a material that won't stick to airships.

    Here it is flying over an unbuilt section of my airship manufacturing facility. I'm going to build a mega hangar here that will be twice as wide and 50% as long as the original three hangars. You can see that the ship has these 'brown boxes' at the front, back and sides (8 in total). These are Turrets, and they shoot explosive TNT, or cannonballs (piercing, napalm). I got this from Djoslin's Turret mod.

    More top-down views of the ship.

    Escape pod. Fully detachable from the main ship (60 blocks out of the 1800+ of the main ship). It has three airship controller blocks, one facing forward, the other two facing left and right respectively. This allows the escape pod to move left and right as well as forward. Also armed with a turret. I plan to add a survival kit in a chest, and crafting table/furnace to the pod so that it is fully self sufficient.

    Entrance to the ship. The ladder is set at a height of one block off the ground so that spiders cannot climb it (since they run under the ship). All other mobs, except Endermen, cannot jump or climb onto the ship. The sides of the entrance also have iron railings strategically placed to prevent spiders from jumping and climbing onto the ship. In addition to that, there is a self-closing gate for additional security, and the door leading to the inside of the ship is also self-closing (using a pressure plate).

    Back of the ship, after you climb the ladder and open the security gate.

    Hey, I actually have cabins in this ship. 4 of them with a surprising amount of space. They are still unfinished but I'll get to them afterwards.

    The front of the ship, just below the deck. I call it the engine room, but I might change it so that it has chests and can store stuff.

    Up on the deck. Plenty of space for moving around and you can get some pretty spectacular views from here.

    Inside the command deck, it has glass walls and a glass ceiling, self-closing doors and 3 airship controller blocks so that the ship can move forward, left and right as needed. You can access the lower deck of the ship through the opening in the floor (no stairs were used, as stairs do not work when the ship is powered on).

    I might work on something where the command deck is able to be detached from the ship and flown around on its own (lol). It's just an idea.

    View from the command deck, this is how it looks like when you pilot the ship. I love the sunrise shot from here.

    Bottom of the ship and how it looks like when flying overhead. The ship has two rows of noteblocks that I use as 'no_follow' blocks, which is an option you can set in the zeppelin config file. The blocks stick to the ship, but do not stick to ANYTHING else. The ship can land on any surface and as long as the contact is only between the noteblocks and the surface, the ship can take off without dragging the entire world with it. I also put a row of glowstone between the blocks to prevent mobs from spawning beneath the ship. This is also why the sides of the ship are lit.

    I had a lot of fun building this ship, and I'll be tweaking it as time goes by.
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    Quote from Ice Ghost

    I took a look at the Zombe mod pack. It seems like a wonderful solution, but I must ask this before attempting to install it. Is the Zombe mod compatible with the Zepplin mod? Im only asking because I don't want to end up downloading it, installing it then "ooops, doesn't work" you know what I'am saying?

    Sorry I didn't see this earlier.

    Yes, it's compatible. Make a backup of everything just in case. Install Zeppelin mod first, then install Zombe's mod pack. All of the mods in the mod pack are turned off by default, so you have to open the zombe config file (listed in the documentation) and uncomment the mods you want to use. I suggest starting out with the fly mod and playing around with the settings and controls. I have A set to 'fly up' and Z set to 'fly down', and X to toggle fly mode on and off. If you have any more questions or want to know my settings for one of the Zombe mods that I use, send me a PM (if you can private message on this forum).
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    Quote from Shadowxk1

    Just realized with the dispenser being able to put water out in 1.3 i will be able to make my airship have TNT cannons!!! :D

    Wish we had official minecraft cannons, but Djoslin's Turret mod seems to work well enough. The only issue is that turrets disappear when the airship is turned on.... @Blakmajik, is this something that you had fixed before? I was looking over the changelist details and it only mentions that Turrets will 'stop floating upwards'.
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    Amazing dock!

    But how did you set "non chainable block" in the config file?

    In the zeppelin config file, I found the line "zeppelin.nofollow_blocks = 6,27,28,30,31,32,50,51,55,59,63,65,66,68,69,70,72,75,76,77,93,94,96,104,105,111,115" and added 25 to the list.

    I am almost certain this has been asked before on this thread, but I can't be bothered to flip through about 300 pages of thread to find the answer...

    How exactly do I put that specified .class file in the minecraft.jar?

    ( Follow these instructions *EXACTLY* and you will have a 97.34% chance of successfully installing Blakmajik's Zeppelin mod. These instructions assume you have a completely unmodded minecraft and you know how to use Windows Explorer. All instructions also assume that you will make a copy of your stuff in case of problems.
    • 1) Download and install 7zip (free). Accept all of the default configuration options for 7zip.

    • 2) Install ModLoader
      • Save the downloaded zip file on your desktop or wherever you usually download stuff to. Right-click on the zip file and select 7-zip > Open archive. A window will pop up showing the contents of the zip file. Move this window to the side for now.
      • Locate your minecraft.jar file. To do this, open up a Windows Explorer window, highlight the address bar and clear it. Type in (without the single quotes) '%appdata%\.minecraft\bin' and hit enter.
      • Right-click on minecraft.jar, select 7-zip > Open archive. Drag this window next to the first window for Modloader's zip file. You are now ready to install ModLoader. It's a really simple two-step process. First, select all of the files shown in the window for ModLoader's zip file and drag it over into the minecraft.jar window. Next, find the META-INF folder in the minecraft.jar window and delete it. Modloader is now installed. Leave the minecraft.jar window open, you will need it for step 3
    • 3) Install Zeppelin mod
      • Go back to your Windows Explorer window. Clear the address bar and type in (without quotes) '%appdata%\.minecraft' and hit enter.
      • In the above folder, make a new folder called 'mods'.
      • Locate the zeppelin zip file (wherever you downloaded it to). Do NOT open it yet. Just copy the entire zeppelin zip file into the 'mods' folder that you just created.
      • Right-click on the zeppelin zip file, select 7-zip > Open archive. A window will pop up. Drag that window next to the 7zip window for minecraft.jar. You will see a handful of stuff in the zeppelin zip file such MetaRotation, Zeppelin, etc. Near the bottom you will see a wu.class file, and a weird file telling you to "Place wu.class in your minecraft jar (and nothing else)". This is simply telling you to drag the wu.class file over into the minecraft.jar window. Do that, then close both 7zip windows and start up minecraft.
      • Installation of the Zeppelin mod is complete. When you double-click the minecraft shortcut, a small command prompt window will appear and text will start scrolling in it. This is Modloader loading Zeppelin mod for you. After you log in, make sure you know the updated recipe for the airship controller block (for 1.2.5 it uses 4 wood planks, 2 iron ingots and 3 levers) and have fun.
      • Check out the Zeppelin Mod Showcase video on the first post.
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    Quote from Weazely

    Can someone please help me with installing the mod? Could I get a quick step by step guide, i've never installed any mods before so i'm clueless. Once I download the mod_Zeppelin client zip thing, what do I do with everything in there? o_o

    and what's that other mod thing you need for it, what do I do with that?

    Would love it if you could help, thanks! ^_^

    • Install ModLoader
      • Download 7zip (free) or winrar (free trial)
      • Locate your minecraft.jar file. Right-click on it, select 'Open with...' and select either 7zip/winrar as the program to open it with.
      • Open up ModLoader's zip file using 7zip/winrar and copy the files into minecraft.jar
      • Delete the META-INF directory in minecraft.jar, then close the 7zip/winrar window for ModLoader (leave the other one open)
    • Place Zeppelin-client-<version>.zip in %appdata%\.minecraft\mods folder.
      • Create a folder called 'mods' in your %appdata%\.minecraft directory
      • Without opening the zeppelin zip file, just single-click on it, copy it (CTRL-C) and paste it (CTRL-V) into the %appdata%\.minecraft\mods directory
    • (0.14+ only) Extract the specified class from mod_Zeppelin-client.zip, and put it in your minecraft.jar
      • Now, go to your %appdata%\.minecraft\mods directory, use 7zip/winrar to open up the zeppelin zip file
      • Copy the wu.class file from the zeppelin zip file into minecraft.jar. Close all of your 7zip/winrar windows then start up minecraft.
      • Make sure you read the original post and look for the updated recipes for the controller blocks
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