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    posted a message on 👻 PhantomMC 👻 | Vanilla+ SMP | 1.15.2 | Active Community | Whitelist | Discord
    • Username: Gfiti
    • Age: 30
    • Where abouts are you from (timezone and country): Germany
    • Tell us about yourself: Been playing MC since beta, mostly spent that time with building stuff
    • How active will you be?: If I end up liking the server, probably every day.
    • Have you been banned from a server before (and if so why)?: Not that I can recall
    • What are you looking for in your Minecraft experience and what can we do to fulfill that?: Looking for a server with a nice community where I can find a cool spot to build something and check out the latest updates. :)
    • What makes your application unique and what will you bring to the server (don't stress)?: Absolutely nothing I'd asume. x)
    • Examples of previous builds are much appreciated and go a long way with our Staff: https://i.imgur.com/S3nyjAK.png
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    posted a message on 🐟FishCraft🐟 Vanilla SMP 21+ [Whitelist] 1.17.1 - Dynmap - Datapacks

    1. Age: 30

    2. Minecraft Username: Gfiti

    3. Discord username: G-Fiti#7176

    4. Country/Timezone: Germany

    5. Why are you interested in joining this server?: It seems decent, and it's 21+. I've been playing MC since beta. Currently looking for a survival server where I can build something nice and take a closer look at the latest updates.

    6. What other games do you play?: Currently mostly Tabletop Simulator and some WoW

    7. Screenshots of your builds (optional): https://i.imgur.com/S3nyjAK.png

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    posted a message on [NEW!] LaveryCraft — Vanilla Survival | Whitelist | 18+ only | 1.15.2

    Minecraft name: Gfiti

    Discord name: G-Fiti#7176 (your discord link has run out btw)

    Country: Germany

    Age: 30

    What are your goals in survival Minecraft: I've been playing MC for ages. I monstly spend my time building stuff. Expect to see pretty stuff!

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