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I'm GDog_0. I don't know why I came back but here I am after two years of inactivity. I collect my state's license plates and research their history, though you probably don't care because sheets of metal on cars are boring.

I've had this here since 2015, I don't know why this is still here and if the site is still up anymore.

I just took the Minecraft Noob test! Check out what I scored. Think you can beat me?!

To take the test, check out


Minecraft, coding my website that nobody cares about, my state's license plate history, other stuff you probably don't care about...

Location America's Cheeseland

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Minecraft I forgot Xbox No Xbox live PSN No PSN Steam IDK Twitch GDog_0 (I don't use it) Nintendo Don't have it. Discord GDog_0#1939