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I have been playing Minecraft since May 2013, and ever since I have played Minecraft. My username is my nickname with the "0" at the end of it because Google made me put a last name, so I stuck a 0 there, and it has been a part of all of my usernames ever since (except for my Minecraft profiles, which my PC is GDog_the_guy, which was the closest I could get to my first Xbox 360 profile, which was g dog the guy back then. I don't use it anymore, and the only time I ever go on there is when I rummage through my old TU9 worlds to see what I can find.) Of course I have other hobbies, but I don't feel like writing it in right now.


Minecraft, other things, my random posts

Location looking for tall mountains

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Minecraft GDog_the_guy Xbox no xbox live PSN Quit asking me Steam IDK Twitch What's twitch? Nintendo I'm offline.