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    posted a message on Come join my Minecraft ps4 survival multiplayer sever!

    hey guys I got a ps4 for Christmas and I got Minecraft on it. And I need people to play with. So I'm creating a sever that is a friendly survival sever and it's basically like How To Minecraft or Hermitcraft if you know what those severe are. But anyways I'll explain the rules when you join all yo need to do is have a mic/skype and comment your PSN and also comment some of your strengths are in Minecraft so I know what and who I need for my sever. This is a friendly sever so that means no killing or griefing this sever is all about working together to make huge things in survival and also about like making your own town or shop and making money off of it. So anyways comment the things below to qualify.

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    posted a message on Survival Island Sever only taking 2-3 players! So hurry!

    Hey guys I'm taking 2-3 people to start a new survival island series with me! I will be recording the series on my YouTube channel and you could be in the video! All you have to do is 1 friend me 2 have a mic or Skype and that's it. I'll explain rules if you friend me and I accepted your friend request. So first 2 people to friend me can join the series! We will also be doing off camera work so there will be lots of playing time on the sever. BUT YOU HAVE TO HAVE A MIC OR SKYPE TO PLAY! To friend me send a friend request to GMS0705 on Psn. Thank you guys and can't wait to,play with you two people!

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    posted a message on Let's Build A City!

    hey guys on my ps vita creative world ok building a city! I need help on a lot of stuff. You can only join if you are loyal, will help, not destroy stuff that's not your or without permission and you have to have a talk thing on the vita or a Skype add me and message me in the message put city! My psn is GMS0705 hope you join and have fun!

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