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    Hello there! GAxel109 here and i wanted to talk about TheDiamondMinecarts Skeleton Dog, Grim. Grim happens to be a Resource/Texturepack! And since i'm SUCH a big fan of DanTDM I decided to make a texture pack on an Ocelot. If you want to download the Grim texture pack by Tyro60 go here

    Oblivion The Skeleton Cat.



    • Install it like a normal texture pack


    • You cannot call that you own this texture pack
    • You can include this in your channel just as long you give credit to me and link to this thread
    • You cannot make money out of this pack

    Download Here

    I will be continuing makings texture packs from now on, because modding is not really my thing, (I don't like codding) but if you want a new texture in your mod just ask me if you want.

    Credit only goes to me

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    posted a message on Dragon Mounts r46 [WIP]

    Hi Guys, Today I'm Just going to show you my new made texture for a dragon

    I call it : Night Wing


    So I just changed the glow of the ender dragon and here it it the night wing, I am still updating it to make it really purple with black.

    Any Suggestions for the next texture.

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    posted a message on [WIP] How To Train Your Minecraft Dragon (v1.1.0) UPDATED

    You should add a dragon manual in all the dragons their size, weakness and of course how to train

    also add the following dragons:

    Speed Stinger

    Death Song

    Snow Wraith

    Razor Whip

    Catastrophic Quake

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    posted a message on Atum 2: Return to the Sands

    can you add a magic carpet and a wishing lamp because it's the desert

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    posted a message on Custom NPCs

    Hi, how to control NPCs that have been mounted on by the player

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