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    posted a message on Just another texture pack

    I'm not that good at descriptions.
    Originally started as a 16x16 texture pack, I now aim to make it a 32x32 texture pack.

    This texture pack was created for myself by myself.

    I didn't base this on any particular thing and just tried to make what I wanted. I also wanted to create textures that where unique, so most wood planks in this pack have different designs and styles.

    Included are some textures that go diagonally instead of horizontal or vertical.

    Most of the basic textures have been recreated.


    Download link: Download

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    posted a message on Vox Pack 1.3 - An awesome cube-based texture-pack!

    I have fallen in love with this texture pack, I made an mcpe port for myself to use, do you mind if I post it onlin (the mcpe port) and give you credit (of caurse)? Don't worry I will link your everything!

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    posted a message on Minecraft Pocket edition DSI,3DS
    May I add that java is slower because it runs on a VM (virtual machine) compared to C or C++ they don't, they were made to run on the hardware and make the hardware move, and considering how the 3ds uses C/C++ as its primary programming language then I think the 3ds can run on the 3ds and maybe the dsi but the dsi is past, and whats past is prologue...
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    posted a message on Minecraft Pocket edition DSI,3DS
    You are all disappointments to me, you think java is the only thing that can support minecraft because it is used in pc? lol #n00blogic

    First off Minecraft is running on the raspberry pie, THE RASPBERRY PIE, and sure it may be like the demo of pe, but this just proves minecraft has run on slower devices, as for the 3D sure, I will acknowledged the fact that it does take some more processing power to display in 3d but its just a bit, now I know what you'll say,

    "Reply: Gamester but what about in Pokemon x/y when you turned on 3D especially in mega evolutions the frame rate went down!"

    this was only because the Pokemon were so highly defined and so welly rounded that it took a lot to render them, if the Pokemon were voxel (or box) based then we would have full 60 FPS and that is Minecraft.

    Lots of things can be done to optimize MC on the 3DS such as

    not rendering objects in 180 degrees behind the player, 5 people minimum per server (3DS hosting maybe they can add a realms service which can hold more.) hostile mobs spawn only 30 blocks withing player radius (maybe less if multiplayer) only 5 primed tnt can be spawned at a time, not render polygons if block is concealed, mobs dissapear if 60 blocks away form player (with the exception of mobs used by the player like if the player gathered milk or wool, or if they are incapsulated by blocks over 1.5, limited sized worlds etc...

    Who ever says NOOOOO or Impossible is either attempting to troll, a XBOX/PS fan boy, or just plain rude.

    P.S mcpe already has infinite worlds does xbox or ps3 have that? Just curious.
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    posted a message on GUI Script Contest[OPEN][DUE 02/01/14]
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/3kzm72o5rtuar8c/Sneaking.js this is my entree its a sneeking mod and you can use a stick to sneak aswell, should work on ios aswell.
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    posted a message on sneaking mod a gui mod pe script entry!
    Finnaly a mod pe script that Doesn't use the chat scripts to function, hello im gamester you may know me as the developer of the brutality mod, I have created a mod called sneaking and it adds a button on the bottom left most part of the screen so that you can easily tap on it and sneak, unlike my last mod script this one is allready "done" nothing else to add maybe bugs but it is how I wanted it,

    It will not work on some gingerbread or lower android devices but you can simply tap on anything with a stick to sneak, you do not have to use the chats in any way. Also it may work on ios but only with a stick, I do not like ios much and it is only possible to add the button on droid

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    posted a message on Brutality mod: Blood guts and gore!
    //i42.tinypic.com/24fg39l.jpg" width="" height="" alt="" />
    " data-ensure-absolute>http://i42.tinypic.com/24fg39l.jpg" width="" height="" alt="" />


    This mod simply generates particles when a mob gets hit and sneaks and creates the particles when your hearts are less then or equal to 2, to make the bloody gushy effect, right now its in developement but I'm planning on adding sound affects and a kill counter.

    Please fallow me on google plus: teh GAMESTER
    And twitter:gamester90

    This mod is not to change any aspects of minecraft pe it just enhances violance and graphics.

    Upcoming features:Sound affects (resourcepack in later vers.)
    Ability to flick off (show middle finger) with press of a buttonBetter
    Kill counter

    Known bugs: any block you walk through dissapears or changes when your bleeding (water, lava, carpets, rails etc...

    Thanks and have fun please leave feedback down bellow.
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    posted a message on Pokecube PE v5 By Hexdro [0.13.1]
    Great od cant wait for wolfs!
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    posted a message on Lets help pocketmine!
    Ok I know that I may be a n00b to the miecraft forums but hear me out.

    Recently I've been thinking, "Why is are pocketmine realms devs not at moving mobs yet, why do they not have flowing water yet, and most importantly why is the nether core reactor not working in pocketmine" so then it hit me, they don't have any motivation.

    I mean sure pocketmine devs have the entire MCPE fanbase following them, they are loved and like it but I mean they aren't earning anything from this, the donations are specifically for webhosting, copy writes and such, but they don't really use the money for personal game.

    So I thought, "When was the last time I donated?" never...

    When i realized this i quickly got my moms credit card (without permission obviously) and signed up for paypal and donated 15 bucks, This, this is most people.

    Most people don't donated because either they think there are enough people donating, don't have access to a credit card or don't wanna spend money, but if we come together stop being so stingy and donate atleast 5 dollars to pocketmine, maybe we will get better servers by tomorrow so have a heart, and think about donating to pocketmine today because we don't know if they plan on surprising with new features like mobile mons next update.

    donate today!!! Click the link.
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    posted a message on [Release] ModPE Script v0.5 ALPHA - NEW UPDATE WITH INSTALLER
    can i have multiple functions? for some reason my mod won't work, it says a java error when i try to load it on blockluancher the id is 12167
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    posted a message on Modpe functions?
    Ok so you know how in mod pe you can make functions? well is it like javascript whare you can only start a function if it is called upon? or doese evry fuction just start simultaniously? or doese the function useItem() start automatically?
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    posted a message on Project RAGE, now recruiting.
    Project rage is now recruiting web developers

    Project rage is essentialy 4 MCPE servers connected together through plugins but the plugins need to be developed along with the ideas we have for the servers, right now thare is only 1 pro web dev and one graphic assistant, we need 3 more "good" web developers to speed up our project...


    1. Knowledge of HTML CSS and enouph to make a variable in PHP, knowing javascript will increase your chances.

    2. A skype and kik account or willing to make one.

    3. Free saturdays and sundays for discussion/development

    We want to make this project a Project that will make MCPE users the true and full multiplayer expirience that Mojang doesn't offer at this moment, we want to unite people to just expirience the fun of playing on servers with thare freinds because some people don't have fast enouph computers for MCPCV.

    to join please place your

    length playing mcpe
    what web languages you know and how well

    thank you I will be contacting for interviews.
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    posted a message on New Minecraft server Whitelist - Semi vanilla
    Before chests mcpe
    Small nonhostile comunity without lag and full time players no temporary players.
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    posted a message on MCPEcraft - OFFLINE and ON HOLD
    Application for adminship
    Since before chests (forgot the version :P)
    Well I am a web dev html, css, and wee bita JS and I am trying to learn php. I have access to internet 24 7, I own a galxy tab 2, my internet speeds are 30mbps so I wont lag any server, I prefer androids over Idevices since android is more flexable and I own a server but currently it is down, I think I should be an admin because, well, i'm honest, fair, I've been in deep deep n00b positions like a when I had 20 iron and I accidently walked into someones underground home they slaughtered me and took my iron if I was the admin I would understand and give my self iron or help get it back by giving myself a diamond sword and brestplate, but what really ticks me off is favoritism its just cruel to see a user get some diamonds just because shes a girl the admin likes. I really dont care who your are as long as you are noble and always on like a neighbor in mcpe you will be rewarded for good citizenship and loyalty to the comunity.

    If I spot a griefer, automatic kick plus I wod warn ppl about the by puting a sign up and I would also return the victim his blocks... I would never ban a griefer, because I know they are just n00bs trying to get some recognition but it it goese too far like killing and burning a player and his stuff then maybe I would ban.

    Sry bout my grammer I hate my laptop >:(
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    posted a message on 500 Internal Server Error's Plugins
    Npctest seems like a herobrine plugin work-in-progress if you ask me, well once skins for mcpe is released...
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