About Me
WaT SuP GuYs!

My name is Gamer_M and This is my about me page! I am a regular Minecraft Forum poster with a sense of popularity. I do have a PlayStaion (Gamer___M) and a Steam (Gamer_M). Some of the things I want to do is To learn how to program (Java) and to have a Youtube Channel! But for now I will just stick to getting popular on the forums.

Some Other Things I Like to Mention:

Games I played: (That i still in progress of)
1.Minecraft (5/5) "Wat did u expect?"

2. World Of Tanks (4.2/5) "Very classic mmo!"

3. Team Fortress 2 (4.8/5) " This is the only true steam i have."

4. SolForge (3/5) "Best Free TCG and CCG out there!(It was also a kickstarter too!)"

"THis about is still in construction! More to Come!"

Forever and Ever 0_0. I need to finish this thing...

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Minecraft Gamer_M PSN Gamer___M Steam Gamer_M