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    Why not make it rain/snow in biomes at different times? As it currently stands when it rains in a world it rains/snows in every possible biome. Why not make it snow/rain at different times?

    On top of this, why not make the precipitation different for each biome? Say, jungles would have a MUCH harder downpour than say just a normal forest, and Ice Plains and Ice Spikes might snow harder than on extreme hills (or vice versa), or just weather in general I think could be touched up on a bit. As it stands it's pretty bland and just quite frankly just annoying.

    Personally I think the survival aspect of the game would be a lot better with the above suggestions.

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    IGN: SkimpyLawnChair

    Age: 18

    Country: Canada

    Build Style: I used to build medieval builds, but I'm starting to move into the kind of "Mountain Cottage" kind of feel (if you understand what I mean), but really it all depends on what landscaping I'm building in.

    Why you want to join the server: Looking for a new server to start on again to get back into MC after a lengthy break.

    Tell us a little about yourself: I play a bunch of different games actually, including World of Tanks, Stardew Valley, and a shwack ton more, but I really do prioritize only a few, and MC will be one of those games soon.

    Twitter (if you have one): I have a personal twitter, but not sharing it here, and then I probably will make a gaming Twitter soon enough.

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    few more buildings added, seeing more and more faces/hearing more voices.

    The community is growing! It's great! The more applications we get, the stronger of a community we can achieve!

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